Sunday, 22 April 2018

#Self-publishing is easy?


What more can I say? After weeks of re-writes, professional re-edits, and the formatting processes done for all three of my Celtic Fervour Series in both ebook and paperback versions there is progress!

By about the 10th April, I thought I had my three files all ready for paperback publishing in Createspace templates (Microsoft Word) but decided not to go through the publishing processes till my ebooks versions were ready. A few more days took me to roughly Friday 13th April when I was confident my ebook versions were complete and checked.

Next stage was to check that the PDF versions were converted in the programme Calibre to .MOBI files so that I could check them on my Kindle for PC. Disaster! What seemed to be perfect files in .PDF versions were all over the place on my Kindle reader on my PC. There was no proper run on of words on a line, and large gaps between paragraphs.

Sheer panic ensued last weekend, and days were spent re-doing the Word files in case I hidden formatting issues remained. In some cases I did have problems, formatting of paragraph issues. Some paragraphs had 'keep lines together' checked and others not. Laborious checking eventually cleared that up.

It was only by Tuesday 17th that I also realised I was using an old Kindle for PC prog, and not the proper Kindle Previewer!! Once I had that downloaded, the only concern was that my maps were not sufficiently high enough resolution. That problem was solved fairly quickly using my scanner.

Off to KDP I went, and I'm delighted to say the actual publishing process wasn't too bad at all.

Yipee! So all 3 novels are now available on Am US and AM UK as ebooks- the other Am network to follow.

You can get them for a bargain price of 99p ($ equivalent) till after Beltane (2nd May).

Bk 2 

The saga continues on Createspace since I don't quite have the paperbacks up and running, yet. Hopefully soon.


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