Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Z is for zinnia & zonked

Z is for zinnia & zonked

I didn’t sign up for the official A to Z April Challenge this year since I wasn’t sure if I could post for every letter, and also host some blog guests before the end of April. My posts this year are not so sound, in terms of depth of content, but I’ve managed something whilst holding a zonked recently-fed new baby grandson in my arms at some stage of probably every post. It was amazing how much I could do with one handed typing- slowly for sure, but possible.

My post for Z is really about Zinnias- a flower which can brighten any day.  Zinnias have nothing to do with my novel writing (yet) but then I wasn’t going to make my posts solely on writing aspects when I started with the letter A.

I don’t plant zinnias every year in my garden but I’ve liked them very much when I have. I like the bicoloured variety as a focal point in amongst those in my ‘cottage garden’ area. That’s really a euphemism for an area where a lot of flowers reseed themselves and grow every year. It’s a bit of a mish-mash but bursts of colour do well in it.

In the tubs on my front terrace, I like the deeper red zinnias and those are the ones I’m aiming for growing this year.

It might be a while till I do another A to Z challenge but I’ll be posting all sorts of things on the blog. Keep tuned to find out.


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