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S is for Sabotage

S is for Sabotage

My trusty Collins dictionary definition of Sabotage:

1. n the deliberate destruction, disruption, or damage of equipment, a public service, etc as by enemy agents, dissatisfied employees, etc. 2. v. any similar action to destroy, or disrupt,, esp. by secret means. From saboteur to spoil through clumsiness.

In my contemporary mystery, Take Me Now the plot centres on Nairn Malcolm’s Extreme Adventure sports businesses. Someone has been sabotaging him good style. At the outset of the novel, he has been involved in a mysterious motorbike accident and is pretty beaten up- so much so that he cannot do the usual travelling needed to run his various business concerns.

Normally a man of action, Nairn now sports a couple of plaster casts on left arm and left leg and he has a good number of broken ribs, but his worst injury is the temporary concussion at the beginning of the story. He is unable to ferry himself via his small floatplane from his Scottish island castle base to Glasgow to pick up his jet from Glasgow before travelling on to his warehouses and offices in London. Neither can he use his catamaran for the transport to Glasgow if the weather is ‘floatplane’ unfavourable. He needs someone to help transport him.

Of course, in the nature of such injuries and arrogant men he also finds he cannot conduct his usual office tasks as overall manager of his businesses and needs a general office aid to help him on a temporary basis.

In steps the highly competent Aela Cameron, a lass from Vancouver, Canada. Aela has current licences for almost all of his vehicular toys, having been trained from her teens to fly light aircraft and especially floatplanes- her uncle having a hire business in and around Vancouver. She is the perfect person for the temporary job since she has also worked in her uncle’s office whilst gaining her Business Degree.  

Published by The Wild Rose Press it is a sensual romp as Aela ferrets out the saboteur who has been harming both Nairn and his business.

While writing this ‘tongue in cheek’ version of my contemporary ‘Highland Hero’ I was also able to have Aela fly Nairn to some spectacular world locations which I was desperate to write about. As the pair fly from place to place they make very short stops in London, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Muscat in Oman, Paris, Tallinn in Estonia, The Caribbean and New York. Yes, it’s that kind of fast paced from one location to the next. Of all of the places mentioned in the novel there are only two locations I have never been to myself. I leave the reader to work out which they might be.   

At my editor’s suggestion, I added more details of the budding romance (at least three revisions) making it a much more sensual read, and she suggested more European locations since she believed many US readers like to read of Continental European places. At that point, I had only written about Barcelona; I then added the other locations.  

If you like a humorous 'take off' of the wounded Highland Hero, then this is for you!
Take Me Now

Amazon US  http://amzn.to/GW92ci Amazon UK   http://amzn.to/RxOSXr

W.H. Smith
Youtube trailer    http://youtu.be/stDC4Yhm2r0


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