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P is for the PATTERSONS - my PUBLISHERS at Crooked Cat

P is particularly appropriate for my publishers at Crooked Cat - Laurence and Stephanie PATTERSON. 

It was January 2012 when the first Crooked Cat book sped on its way up to Amazon as an ebook, and since then numerous authors, including myself, have wended their way onto the list of Crooked Cat authors.
I’ve read a lot of the titles and can truly say that Crooked Cat books are of high quality writing, high quality editing and are often those books which don’t quite fit the regular pigeon holing of genre brackets. This makes them very interesting reads. 

My first Crooked Cat read, before I was an author on their listings, was Tracy’s Hot Mail. This was such a funny read and was probably the most amusing I’d read in a long while, so much that it hooked me on Crooked Cat Books. I don’t often read chick-lit books, but found this one a real treat.
What’s it about?

Dishing the dirt!
Tracy is the new girl in the office. A sassy nineteen year old with an eye for cloned fashion and an ear for the latest gossip, she reveals all in a series of emails written to her friend, Emma.
Tracy doesn’t spare anyone’s blushes as she dishes the dirt on her friends, family, and foes. If something is worth hearing, it is worth telling… Everyone gets the Tracy Treatment, her benefit-fiddling father, her porn obsessed boyfriend, even her pocket billiards champion boss. Not forgetting the serial bum pincher and his latest conquest, the office tart.
Behind Tracy’s wide eyed innocence and reassuring smile lies a muck spreader of the highest calibre.
No secret is safe.
After Tracy’s Hot Mail came many books, week after week and month after month- the original ebook publishing venture taking on board the extra efforts of making most of the books available in paperback versions.  I’ve personally lost count of how many books have now been produced but they must number some 70 plus. 
And the latest novels from the Crooked Cat Basket? The last two from last week’s line up are:
The House on Schellberg Street by Gill James
Renate Edler loves to visit her grandmother in the house on Schellberg Street. She often meets up with her friend Hani Gödde who lives nearby. This year, though, it is not to be. Renate finds out a terrible secret about her family. She has to leave behind her home and her friends and become somebody she never thought she could be. The house on Schellberg Street needs to stay strong.

Will it and those who work in it be strong enough?Will Renate ever feel at home again? And what of those left behind? 
The Carbon Trail from Catriona King
Espionage. Murder. Love. 
Jeff Mitchell has a headache and he doesn't know why. But then, he doesn't know much about his life at all. Only one word means something: carbon. 100% of diamonds and 20% of the human body. What does it have to do with the agents tailing him in New York? Or the threats against his life? 

Who is the exotic brunette who would kill to protect him? And the beautiful blonde in his bed? 

The Carbon Trail - the mind has no limits.
I haven’t had time yet to read these newest books from Crooked Cat but I will sometime in the future since I have already read titles by these fabulous authors and always leave a review to show my appreciation of their efforts to produce quality work for me as a reader to enjoy.
I’m very thankful I heard of the start up of Crooked Cat publishing since I’m very proud and pleased to be part of this excellent publishing ‘cat’ family. Laurence and Steph are endlessly professional and are lovely people to know. 
Happy Easter to Crooked Cat.

And my Crooked Cat books are: 
Crooked Cat Bookstore

 TOPAZ EYES  is a finalist for THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE 2014 

Book 3- After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks
Barnes and Noble P/B   Crooked Cat Books


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