Friday, 25 April 2014

Um...U is for the fantastic prefix 'UN'

U is for unlock, uncovering, ultimate…

…and many more words beginning with UN which I've highlighted in bold letters for you.(Um...look out for a sneaky word which might not fit that bill)
In my ancestral/dynasty based mystery thriller –Topaz Eyes – there are many doors and avenues to unlock in order to reveal the mystery of the missing Tiru Salana jewels. There is also an ultimate mystery to solve since my third generation cousins are not only seeking what turns out to be 20 items from the collection of emeralds once owned by a Mughal Emperor named Tiru Salana but they are also seeking yet another mystery item which is concealed within the collection. A lot of unlocking is necessary but my protagonists are a determined bunch, especially Keira Drummond and Teun Zeger. They are

unremitting in their dedication to find the jewelley.

Along the way to unlocking the mysteries and uncovering the treasures Keira finds herself in a position where she’s not at all sure who of the family she can trust, perhaps not even Teun for whom she has an immediate attraction. Who are the hired thugs she realises have been tailing her as she moves from one fabulous city to the next in the quest for the jewels? That is... from Heidelberg, to Edinburgh, to cities the US state of Minnesota, to Vienna, to Amsterdam.

Suspicion is rife amongst all of the third-cousins, none of whom have ever met each other or even known of each other before Jensen brings them together in Heidelberg under very secretive circumstances. Keira is so spooked at first by the invitation she thinks there must be something underhand about it all, and yet it is so intriguing she can’t resist being part of it. There are so many unknown aspects to the missing jewels but that’s all part of the lure for someone who likes to have mysteries solved and answers found.

The quest is not long begun when she knows there has to be at least one unstable member of the family who will stop at nothing to get all the jewels for him or her self.

Eventually, as in all good mysteries, the whole set of jewels handed down to her daughters by Geertje Hoogeveen are unearthed. An exhibition is mounted by the cousin named Jensen and the jewels are unveiled for public viewing.   

Details of the fabulous jewels and how they are uncovered can be found by reading Topaz Eyes! 

Topaz Eyes is a finalist in THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE 2014. There will be a final round of voting for the WINNER taking place between the 21st May and the 28th May. I will be attending the 'black tie' AWARDS dinner in London on the 28th May when the announcement is made that night, and I would absolutely love to be the final WINNER for my book and for Crooked Cat Publishing. 

Keep tuned in to this blog for how to VOTE for me during that week in May.

Crooked Cat Bookstore

Meanwhile you can get a FREE ecopy of Crooked Cats' Tales from Smashwords, and soon from the Crooked Cat Bookstore. In it, you'll find my short story - Misgivings - which is about two of the secondary characters from Topaz Eyes- Zaan and Fenna.

Crooked Cats' Tales is also on Amazon for 99p/ 99c; the proceeds going to the charities: Medicins sans Frontieres and Barnardos.


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