Monday, 7 April 2014

D is for Dedication

D is for Dedication

D for dedication is in relation to the amount of work that my Edinburgh publisher -  Crooked Cat - is putting in to get all of its authors into the public eye.

Laurence and Stephanie Patterson, co- owners, are totally dedicated when it comes to the family of author cats that they have acquired under their publishing roof. No job is too small for them and no job is left unattended. If something can be organised- it is. If some avenue of publicity can be investigated- it is. If help can be given- it is.

They are totally dedicated to producing quality work which is affordable for purchasers and readers of the novels in their now extensive catalogue, the Crooked Cat community of authors having grown so much during the 2+ years since Crooked Cat started to publish work that the selection is very wide and very varied.

This is what today's  Crooked Cat Bookstore Home Page looks like. Why don't you check it out and see the books which the incredibly talented authors have in store for you?

My latest release- After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks is there waiting for lots of lovely readers to enjoy an escape to AD 84 and to the battle between the roman Empire and the armies of the claedon leader, Calgach at Beinn Na Ciche - only one of the scenes in this Historical Romantic Adventure.


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