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A Kiss of Promise by Elaine Violette

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On my Welcome Wednesday slot I'm delighted to meet Elaine Violette who has come to be interviewed so that we can get to know her a bit better, and to share her historical romance- A Kiss of Promise (published by Ellora's Cave).  

From the excellent cover design, I'm guessing Alaina has a bit of the reckless in her to venture forth on the ship we see that's behind her, but we'll get onto her part in the story after Elaine answers some questions for me.

Please tell me about your latest release, Elaine. 

I am excited to announce the release of A Kiss of Promise on April 3rd!

A Kiss of Promise is a Blush Historical Romance being  published as an ebook by Ellora’s Cave. Though it can be enjoyed on its own, it continues the story of the Blackstone brothers introduced in my debut regency, Regal Reward.  Fans of Regal Reward urged me to write a sequel and it’s finally available!

I admit my desire was to finish a manuscript I had already begun before I completed the Blackstone sequel--A Convenient Pretense, which was published in 2013. While Regal Reward tells of York Blackstone’s struggle to regain the title lost to him when his father is falsely accused of treason , my newest release,  A Kiss of Promise tells of Martin Blackstone’s desire to free himself from his family scandal and seek adventure in America. He leaves the beautiful and desirous Alaina Craymore broken hearted in order to realize his dream. It’s only when he discovers that she is in danger that he is forced to face what he is truly running from.

I truly enjoyed writing the sequel, especially since Martin and Alaina’s romantic journey takes place both in England and America. As in Regal Reward, readers will be, I hope, captivated by sinister intrigue, a touch of blackmail and, of course, a sweet and sensual romance.

Were there any triggers which led to the plotline for A Kiss of Promise?

Alaina and Richard Craymore are the children of the villain in
Regal Reward. They had been deeply injured emotionally by their father and needed to have their story told. Although Richard is not the main hero in A Kiss of Promise, he plays a major role. The story couldn’t be told without him!

Who is the hero of the story?

Martin Blackstone. In Regal Reward, he demonstrates more patience and often more common sense than its hero, his older brother York, but Martin’s personal journey in A Kiss of Promise, reveals how his past affected his ability to commit to love and his need to run from the society that destroyed his family.

Do the names for characters just pop into your head as soon as you start a book?

Yes, naming my major characters is pretty immediate and once their personality develops, their name fits them. I have changed the names of minor characters as their parts are played out. The original names may not seem to be right for their growing involvement in the plot.

What does your heroine think when she first meets the hero?

Alaina first meets Martin in Regal Reward. She actually meets him when he is captured by her villainous father and tied up in the barn at her family estate. She immediately feels both fear and attraction.

In A Kiss of Promise, their pasts are intertwined already. A budding romance begins with a stolen kiss. But, because of their fractured selves, they must face inner and outer demons before their love can grow.

What do you find is the hardest part of a novel for you to write?
The middle. I am facing that right now in my present manuscript. Although I know how it will end, I’m a panster, and getting there is always a challenge. I don’t know yet what each major and minor character will do before romance has a chance!

I confess that the middle is probably my problem area, too. What about settings? Do you tend to write about places you’ve been to…or just ones you would like to visit?

I’ve been to England three times, but it’s been my vicarious visits in British novels written by many wonderful historical romance authors, that have given me the desire to write in that setting. I love researching the culture, dress, and customs of nineteenth century England.

As authors, we love to delve into new areas. In A Kiss of Promise, my English characters voyage to Boston. I thoroughly enjoyed researching the sailing vessels and the dangers of ship travel in the early 1800s.  In the manuscript I am presently working on, the setting is New England. Since I live in Connecticut, I find the research of nineteenth century New England fascinating as well.
Who is your favorite character in A Kiss of Promise and why?

Ah, not sure if I want to reveal her name yet, but I can tell you that she is quite mysterious and demands to right a wrong that has remained a scandalous secret for too long.

Fun time short answer questions:

What is your favourite time of year?

Usually summer. I love lazy summer days but this year I am looking forward to Spring weather since it’s having such a difficult time arriving this year. I can’t wait to see flowers blooming once again and all the now muddy, murky snow finally gone.

Favourite place to visit for a short weekend break? 

Cape Cod. It’s not too far away from us.  I love the village charm of Chatham and the fury of waves at Race Point Beach in North Truro.

Favourite colour?
Purple! My mom told me that it was my favourite colour when I was just four years old. Then, I married a Violette.  How coincidental!

It is indeed, since Violette is not too common a name in my part of the world and I don't imagine in yours either? 

Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity to visit your blog and talk about my writing adventures and my newest release.

You're very welcome. 

 Back Cover Blurb - A Kiss of Promise
Adventurer Martin Blackstone escapes the stuffy rituals of England to seek his destiny in America. He leaves Alaina Craymore behind, believing she is better off without him. Suffering under the scandalous circumstances surrounding her father’s death, only Alaina’s love for Martin and the memory of their one stolen kiss have kept Alaina steady. But she hasn’t heard from Martin in far too long and cannot wait forever in the hopes that he will return from America. Just as Alaina begins to recover, one of her father’s associates emerges from the shadows with a choice—she must pose as his fiancĂ©e in America or he’ll send her brother to prison on charges of forgery. Willing to endure ruin and an uncertain future, Alaina agrees—she can do no less for the brother who’s spent his entire life protecting her. Only the man who spurned her can save her from the black mailing scoundrel and a ruined reputation.
Martin hasn’t forgotten Alaina or the kiss they shared. When word of her sacrifice reaches him, he’ll move heaven and earth to find her and make her his, no matter the cost.
Will the strong-minded, independent Alaina chose ruin over the fear that a marriage proposal has been offered out of duty rather than love?
A Blush® historical romance from Ellora’s Cave

Elaine holds a BS in English Education from the University of CT and an MS in Educational Leadership from Central CT State University. When she’s not writing, she teaches public speaking part time at a local community college. She enjoys drawing, kayaking, traveling, and most of all, being with her husband Drew, her children and grandchildren. While her newest release, A Kiss of Promise, leads her characters from England to American shores, her present work, still in the manuscript stage, takes place in New England and deals with prejudice and its power over love. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, CT Romance Writers (CTRWA) and Charter Oak Romance writers (CORW). Elaine is available as a speech coach and presenter to help authors hone their public speaking skills.
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Thank you, Elaine, for coming to share your historical romance today on Welcome Wednseday with us. My best wishes for great sales of your novels.

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