Monday, 7 April 2014

E is for Enthusiasm and Energy

The Crooked Cat team- aka Steph and Laurence - have the most amazing amount of energy when it comes to producing the best showcase for their authors. In terms of man hours spent on their publishing enterprise over the last 2 and ¼ years, they must have notched up hundreds more hours than the average worker.  It takes a lot to maintain that production level and the ENERGY expended has been phenomenal. My thanks go to both and may the energy never fade!

 E is also for enthusiasm. I wish I could say that I'm enthusiastic about my writing every single day but it would be a barefaced lie. Some days seem to get bogged down with minutiae which shouldn't take me so long to sort out, yet they do. I ignore my masses of emails at my peril. Being on a number of yahoo loops and being in Facbok groups and othe social media avenues means I do feel utterly swamped at times. That's when my enthusiasm falters, might even ground to a halt for a bit. So it becomes a 'pick myself up, shake me down and begin all over again' moment.

I was never that good at jumping over the hurdles in athletics but that didn't stop me from trying. Writing is definitely like that.

E can also be for engrossing.  One reviewer states of The Beltane Choice, book 1 in the Cletic fervour Series:  "...The story never flags for a second and I heartily recommend it. Thoroughly engrossing."

I'm off now to get engrossed in some of the writing I've been planning to do today.

My Celtic Fervour Series and other books are available from:

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