Friday, 31 January 2014

Reviews are so welcome!


I've been super-occupied with various domestic things this last week but it's a true delight to receive a wonderful review of your work. This 5* review for The Beltane Choice, Book 2 of my Celtic Fervour Series, has been posted today at The Book Maven I'd like to take the opportunity to give a huge thanks to the reviewer.

Book Maven says: 
"...As I wrote the synopsis for this book, it really hit me how much of this story can be compared to Romeo and Juliet.  Most readers love a good will they or won’t they story and this one set in the early dawns of AD definitely will entice readers.  Nara and Lorcan’s love story is one for the ages.  I adored their chemistry, but with Nara’s fiestiness and Lorcan’s obstenance they are wonderful.  It’s not just Nara and Lorcan though.  Their story would be mundane if it wasn’t for the historical elements of Roman invaders and rival clans.  I think Nancy Jardine did an excellent job in illustrating the historical climate of the time and also adding in the additional socioeconomic customs of the clans.  Things would be very different for both Nara and Lorcan if they weren’t born to who they were born.   Overall, this is a great historical romance that will captivate the reader.  I can’t wait to pick up Nancy Jardine’s  next novel.  I’m sure it will be equally romantic and historically captivating."

Wishing you a great Friday - I know it's already great for me.

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