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Sharon still lives on

Welcome to my blog. Today's guest post is going to differ a little from the norm. A friend of mine, Hywela Lyn, had booked today for a guest post but we've come up with something much more appropriate for you. I'm going to let Hywela Lyn explain...

Today is a very special day.  It's the release day of the novella 'Kiss Of Death' written by my dear friend, the late Sharon Donovan.

Sharon was working on this  story before she tragically passed away in April 2012 following heart problems and complications. For those who don't know her, Sharon had battled with diabetes since a small child.  She had a talent for painting, but when she was 25 years old  diabetic retinopathy robbed her of her sight, which meant she not only had to give up her job as a legal secretary, but could no longer paint.  With typical courage and determination she decided to 'paint with words' and so her vivid imagination and skill found another outlet/ Using specially adapted software, she wrote inspiring and moving stories, for the Inspirational Romance line of The Wild Rose Press, and 'murder and mystery' romance  for the 'Romantic Suspense' line.

She had a keen wit and a clever and quirky sense of humour, which she put to great use as a hostess for the 'Author Roast and Toast' blog on Fridays, and she was kind enough to let her 'virtual butler' Oliver,  'moonlight' to be with us on the blog.  We had such fun toasting our guest authors.

Sharon's parents, sister, and Mary
A massive heart attack followed by major heart surgery did not deter her.  As soon as she was released from hospital she was back writing.  Fellow 'Author Roast' hostess Mary Ricksen and I planned to visit her in May this year, but sadly she was readmitted to hospital just after Christmas 2011 and although another operation appeared to have been successful, we were devastated when we lost her, after several setbacks.

Sharon's parents, sister, and me.
I still made the trip to America, and Mary and I visited her lovely sister and  family.  We sat in the room where Sharon had written those wonderful stories, and felt her presence.  We were thrilled when we found the manuscript of 'Kiss Of Death' on her computer - and it features the delectable Oliver.

Her editor, The Wild Rose Press's  Lori Graham has worked closely with her family and friends to get the finished story edited and published as part of the Wild Rose Press's  'Red Christmas' series, and after a lot of hard work on Lori's part, it was today, just in time for Christmas, a wonderful gift for a friend or family member's Kindle or book reader - or for yourself.

Here's the 'Blurb'

Santa Must Die.

The words in Camille Lafayette's dream are a chilling prelude of events to come. She sees herself as the killer, and when the murder is actually committed, she becomes the prime suspect.

When handsome Detective Oliver Sharone turns up at her New Orleans family home, he is searching for answers. The evidence against her seems damning. An image captured on the victim's camera resembles Camille, and the red feather mask worn by the murderer came from her shop.The instant chemistry between Camille and Oliver is an added complication, which grows deeper as they work together to discover the truth. It becomes a race against time to find the real murderer before he not only loses his heart completely, but the killer strikes again. And this time the victim could be Camille herself.

More details on The Wild Rose Press Site HERE
Sharon was one of the authors on The Author Roast and Toast
Her blog is
Her website is

Sharon will always be missed, but I feel privileged to have known her and to have been able to call her my friend. Her spirit lives on in her books and in the hearts of those of us who loved her.

Lyn (Hywela Lyn)


  1. A lovely tribute to Sharon, Lyn, and how wonderful that her last story has now been published.

    1. It's lovely of you to give your supprt, Paula. Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful tribute, Lyn! And how lovely you met Sharon's family. I'm chuffed The Wild Rose Press published Sharon's last manuscript and it will take its place on my Kindle soon.

    Thanks to Nancy for providing a place to share the news. :-)

  3. How lovely that Sharon left us all this last gift. And how typical.

  4. It says something about a person when those they leave behind so joyfully continue their legacy. Sweet tribute, Lyn.

  5. thank you for this touching blog about Sharon. The book cover is gorgeous, and I'm sure it would have made her cry to see it.

    Now, off I go to purchase this blook.

    Hugs to you for this lovely thing that you are doing for your lost friend.

  6. Thank you Nancy! Lyn you have a way with words, you ought to be a writer!
    Sharon must be smiling up there and sprinkling her love on us like glitter!
    She was a special soul who touched my heart. She will always be there and I will talk to her and hope she hears me!

  7. Thank you to all who have popped in already, today. Sharon had many friends who won't forget her.

  8. Hi Nancy, thank you so much for hosting my tribute to Sharon here today - |I really appreciate it, and I know Sharon would too. Sharon touched so many people and inspired them with her courage and determination.

    Cathie, Miriam, Mac, and Lynne. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it's so touching to read them and I know Sharon would have been moved by them as well, and I can only thank you on her behalf. I can thoroughly recommend 'Kiss Of Death' (no I'm not biased, LOL) it really is an exciting and gripping romantic suspense, and I'm giving a copy away on my own blog

    Thanks again Nancy - I'm sure Sharon would have Oliver raising a glass of champaigne to you today!

  9. Wonderful tribute, Lyn! I'm so glad her final work has made it into print. What a wonderful legacy! Sounds like a great story!

  10. Lovely tribute. How very nice.

  11. H Susan, thanks so much, I'm glad you liked the post - and yes, it's wonderful that this book is now 'out there' for Sharon's readers to enjoy. (although not actually 'in print' just as an E-book.

    Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the tribute to Sharon - she was such an inspiration!

  12. Hi, Nancy and Lyn,
    What a wonderful tribute to Sharon. I just got my copy of the book and look forward to reading it.

  13. Hi Linda

    Thanks so much for stopping by - so glad you've got your copy - I'm sure you'll enjoy it, like all Sharon's books it's full of suspense and vivid discription.

  14. A lovely tribute to Sharon. I wish I had the chance to get to know her.

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  16. (Sorry about the deleted comment, silly typo!)

    Hi Katherine, thanks for stopping by - yes it was a privilege to know
    Sharon, and if you read any of her books I think her personality shines through in her words.

  17. Thank you all who've come to comment, today. Lyn - your tribute has been so worhtwhile, so thank you for the suggestion for today's blog.

  18. Thanks again for having me, Nancy, and helping me share Sharon's release day.

  19. Thanks for sharing your story Lyn. I only knew Sharon a short while and came to respect and admire her greatly. I can't wait to get my copy of her last book.

  20. Lyn,

    How wonderful that so many of you worked together to make sure her last story was published. What a lovely tribute to Sharon.

  21. Hi Calisa and Karen. As ever, the support of the roses is fantastic.

  22. Hi Calissa and Karen, thanks so much for coming by to comment. Sharon was such a vibrant, shining personality, and a great friend, I think her courage and determination touched all who knew her. 'Kiss Of Death' is a fantastic story, and a great read!

  23. I miss Sharon and think of her constantly. I have one of her paintings hanging in my home. It's so exciting that they published this last book of hers.

    There is one bit of misinformation above, however. Sharon did not lose her vision at 25. She was 44 when this happened.


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