Sunday 15 July 2012

Sunday Snippet

***News Flash!  I might have to wait for 19 days till the e-book of TAKE ME NOW is published but the paperback version is now available to buy!***

I've got 19 days to chew my nails before TAKE ME NOW is published, but I've decided I should just put those days to better use, and give you an occasional glimpse of behind the scenes before publication. 

 Today I'll give you a little assignment as you look at the images. Imagine you are waiting there on the tarmac at the airport. Perhaps you are one of the maintenance crew who is waiting for the plane to land, and whose job it is to check it over before taxi-ing it to its designated hangar. Or someone else with a legitimate reason for standing by. Read on to find out your task.

Nairn’s jet was a delight to fly, a newer version than any she’d flown before. Too soon she followed instructions from air traffic control in London for descent, and after that handed the plane over to maintenance crew. 

Her next challenge presented itself; the greatest so far since flying had been a pleasure. Another Range Rover awaited them, Aela expected to drive it to the London office. She’d spent five days as a tourist in London when she’d made landfall in the UK, and knew London traffic was vastly different from Lanera. Her boast about being competent with any transport Nairn might require had just boomeranged back and bitten her on the butt. Yet, she could do it. She would.

How would you describe Aela's expression as she views the car?

(Please forgive that the image above isn't quite a range rover, but the plane is close to Nairn's kind of jet!)



  1. Aela sucked in her cheeks and whistled, but it would take a lot more than that to whittle her down to commuter size in this town.

    1. That's a great response, Maddy! I love it, thank you.

  2. Aela's eyes widened. "Oh." She swallowed, then plastered a dazzling smile on her face for all to see. Hadn't she promised she'd be up for any challenge. Dang! "Let's go, then."

  3. Aela's good mood deflates with a miserable sigh. The more she looks at the large vehicle, the smaller she feels.


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