Thursday 26 July 2012


I'm launching two books in one month!

 TAKE ME NOW 3rd August 

The coming weeks are going to be the busiest, and most thrilling time, I've had,so far, as a writer. It seems even more exciting than this time last year. July and August 2011 were filled with me creating a website, setting up a blog, making my first book trailer, getting myself onto Facebook-all of that chasing my tail before the launch of my first contemporary novel, MONOGAMY TWIST.

What I didn't do enough of was actual book promotion for MONOGAMY TWIST. That's because I didn't know how. Do I know any more in 2012? Not really but I'm a tiny bit less clueless!

                                                       THE BELTANE CHOICE 31st August    

The coming weeks will see me launch two new books of very different genres.One a light-hearted contemporary mystery with a tiny element of danger. The other is a historical novel with more of the danger but still no gore!

I'll be launching them from two different publishers. Two very different book launch blog tours organised. Planning for around twenty blog visits over the space of six weeks has been very daunting, and very energy draining. I'm pleased to say I think I'm almost seeing light at the end of the tunnel on the writing of the blog articles. Way! Hey! Huge cheers and **happy** faces at that.

So, what's different from last year? Apart from promoting two book 'covers', I'm promoting for two book trailers and now have two boards on Pinterest.

My greatest challenge, in some ways, is that I'm organising a Garden Party Book Signing to celebrate both launches. Since this is happening on the 4th August, it means I only have the physical books and the ebook links for TAKE ME NOW. I'm having to be very creative about taking potential order for THE BELTANE CHOICE so... instead of just having a book signing, I'm planning to mount a mimi exhibition which will explain to local people how I got myself first published last year, and what led to my two books being launched this August.

I also hoping that a fourth book, TOPAZ EYES, will be published by December 2012. By mounting a mini-exhibition I can showcase THE BELTANE CHOICE, and to a lesser extent-TOPAZ EYES- in the hope of garnering more sales.

I've put out some posters advertising the Garden Party Book Launch in my local village, but I'm thinking I'll have to go a bit further afield to get more custom. Usually when I organise a party I have a reasonable idea of how many people will turn up. Is that the case for this event? No. I have no clue so 'catering' will be very simple! 

But the exhibition material will be used twice over since I've also got a visit planned for an author talk at my local library-another first-which is not in my own village but is four miles away. That's for the 25th September so it fits nicely after the last stop of my promotional blog tour for THE BELTANE CHOICE.

Am I ready?Are all those pinboards prepared, yet? Er...well, no.

**That's today's Job.**

Till next time.


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