Saturday 28 July 2012

A great review for MONOGAMY TWIST

I just had an excellent 4 * review for MONOGAMY TWIST posted on Goodreads, Amazon and on . Thank you very much Christina Snow! It is much appreciated. Here's what she's got to say about it.

This was an interesting book. The entire book is centered around an old English manor house which has fallen into disrepair. Because of that, the book almost had a historical feel to it even though it is definitely a contemporary story. 

Luke has just inherited this old manor house, but he has no idea why. He didn't know the lady who left it to him. But she's left it to him with some very stringent clauses....he has to live in the house for a year before he gets it and he must do so with his wife. A wife he doesn't have. If that doesn't happen, then the property will be abandoned for 50 years and will fall beyond saving. Something that this guy can't stand the thought of....this is what he does...repairs and rebuilds old properties, but 50 years will put this house past saving.

Fortunately the day he discovers all this about the house, he also discovers they are both hauled off in police custody for trespassing....I really loved the way that this story started. Rhia lives in the caretakers house on the property and is a historian. She loves the old manor house too, so she's the obvious solution for Luke's "wife problem". 

There's also a tiny bit of a mystery to this story as both Rhia and Luke try to figure out exactly why he was left the house. It's a mystery that travels from England to Australia to Italy, which makes for some great ambiance in this book.

There are little details about this book that I love. I love that Luke slips into Italian when he's turned on (and this book is HOT...he's turned on a LOT!) I love the history of the manor house. I got to live in England for two years and to imagine exploring all the old nooks and cranny's of a house like this would be just a fantasy come true. I love Rhia's little cottage. It just seems so cozy and I love that's where they live until they get married.

I love reviews-don't you!

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