Wednesday 19 August 2020

Mini launch tour for Beathan The Brigante!

Hello and a happy Wednesday to you!

My blog writing 'mojo', as it is sometimes called, has been AWOL for a little while but I'm pleased to say it is returning! 

Beathan The Brigante promotion continues and another aspect of it is that there will be promotional posts in a few blogs during the few days before, and for a couple of days after the official launch day of the 20th Aug. My wonderful Ocelot Press fellow authors are kicking off the process for me, for which they have my huge thanks, and will be each posting slightly different promotional posts. I've highlighted something a tiny bit different for each post.

The link details of these blogs will be updated as the days progress.

18th August - Jen Wilson

19th August - Cathie Dunn

20th August - Sue Barnard

21st August - Yvonne Marjot

22nd August - Vanessa Couchman

My intention here on this blog will be to post some random things from my Beathan The Brigante research, to be sure I don't forget about it. Tidying up my scrawled notes is a fine business indeed and not the work of an instant because... as in when I do the original research, I tend to want to refresh the details and find out more before I complete the write-ups of the notes! I just love research and have literally hundreds of papers now to read on the Roman Empire via . 

The offer of Books 1-4 for e-books at 99p each still continues! I'm incredibly biased, but it is SUCH a great offer if you haven't yet red them all. 

My author page for selecting them is HERE. 

Till later,

SlĂ inte!

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