Tuesday 18 August 2020

Beathan The Brigante officially launches in 2 days!


It's been a very busy time for me of late. I've been writing promotional blog posts and creating lots of promotional posters for the launch of Beathan the Brigante in 2 days time. And I've made a video, not the music I wanted, but I'm learning! 

I've sent off some press releases to local newspapers and hope for good responses, assuming Covid 19 restrictions don't make that difficult (i.e. some reporters not working full time) 

I've not been able to organise any form of local physical launch for the 5th novel of my Celtic Fervour Saga Series and have only been able to make some mentions on Social Media platforms. 

To mark the e-book launch event - the official Ocelot Press launch date - in a small but generous way, I have reduced the prices of all 4 published e-books to the incredibly low price of 99p/99c equivalents across Amazon. 

If you've not yet read this award winning series then now is a great time to get an e-book set! 

#1 The Beltane Choice  http://getbook.at/findhere

#2 After Whorl: Bran Reborn http://viewbook.at/heritis

#3 After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks  viewbook.at/hereyougo

#4 Agricola’s Bane  mybook.to/ABsherenow

#5 Beathan The Brigante getbook.at/BeathanTBrigantehere


Enjoy the read and tune in for more information soon...

SlĂ inte! 

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