Thursday 20 August 2020

A book reading for #Beathan The Brigante launch day!

Today really is the official launch day for Beathan The Brigante! 

As something different to celebrate it, I 'put myself out there'  even more than normal and made a video of me reading Chapter 1 of Beathan The Brigante. 

For anyone who doesn't know me, the video is how I sound and how I am. It was really exciting to read from my brand newly launched novel - once I got the technology working, of course. 

Yesterday, my intention had been to do a Facebook Live video , to practise with it last night, but the technology got me stumped and I couldn't unlock the Camera! Not to be daunted, I borrowed my OH's relatively new USB webcam and plugged it in to do a 'less than live' reading. The USB webcam video quality is much better than the camera on my laptop but there was no sound. It took one sleep, and a lot of trial and error today o get the sound working.

It seems that the setting I need to have sound to listen to a video / film/ movie via  my laptop  isn't the same 'output and input' needed for the webcam, but so long as I remember which is which, and reset as needed, I'll hopefully cope in future. 

I googled the best length for a Facebook Live production and it said a minimum of 10 mins. Once I got the sound organised on the USB webcam, I timed a reading of Chapter 1 of Beathan The Brigante. It was about 10 mins, so there's a few minutes before and after taking the video to around 14 minutes. 

Unfortunately, that's too long for Blogger so I can't share it here ,but it did go on to my profile and author page on Facebook. Swings and roundabouts! Maybe tomorrow I'll work out how to upload the video to Youtube (they've changed the rules since I was last there and I've changed my laptop) It can be viewed more easily form there. 

Since I started to write this post, Facebook has done one of its 'for the better' changes which means spending lots of time tomorrow  working out what is what. The 'classic' version that I was on is disappearing by September ,so I might as well learn the new one right away. 

An author's life is an easy one. Ha, ha! 

SlĂ inte! 

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