Sunday 4 March 2018

#SnippetSunday from #The Beltane Choice!

Snippet Sunday and an update!

Nobody said self publishing would be easy and I've spent the last couple of days knowing exactly that. For all sorts of reasons, a main one being my contract had expired with Crooked Cat Books for my Celtic Fervour Series, I'm doing full re-edits to each of the three previously published books.

The new versions will be edited by a skilled professional and then I'll be formatting them for self publishing. My fantastic brand new covers for them are wonderful and I can't wait to show them off!!!

The problem with that is they need to be edited first so that I can determine the correct amount of pages in the book. As I may have pointed out before, my graphic artist cover designer can't finalise her work till the spine size is known and that's dependent on page sizes. Though...I'm hoping she'll allow me to show off my fabulous covers very soon - at least the first one.

My new version of The Beltane Choice,  Book 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series, is now off to my editor. Look out for details of re-publishing soon. Now I'm off to re-edit Book 2 of the series.

Meanwhile here's a #SnippetSunday extract from ....The Beltane Choice

Head down, she trawled behind as the warrior-band followed Lorcan, making their way along another reinforced pathway and across a log causeway bordered by wattled walls. Brennus followed in her wake, taking his guarding seriously. Once into the open at the lake’s edge she could see the roundhouse they approached more clearly, no longer obscured by the tall reed and fronded light-green willow cover.
The crannog dwelling sat tall and proud, this one a little larger than a typical roundhouse. Built out over the water, its circular wooden platform sat on stilted foundations, the walkway access edged with a waist-high woven wall of willow, with an infill of thinner twigs. The wattle and clay daubed wall of the dwelling was low, no higher than Nara’s head, the thatched roof beams protruding over the top of it, creating a shady overhang. On the outer circular platform edge two children played a game on a wooden board with marked coloured stones. Close by, a young woman stood weaving at a tall upright loom under the overhang near the children. A little further round, Nara could just glimpse a skin-covered coracle and a dugout boat floating at a protruding landing stage, accessible from the platform edging.
“Mother,” Grond called ahead, “Lorcan is here to visit Father. Where is he?”
On their approach the children scurried away, an older woman appearing immediately. Then, more slowly, an older man whose smile was a beam of sunshine came out.
“Lorcan. Welcome!” The older man clapped Lorcan on the shoulders, greeting him warmly while he gave an invocation of hospitality to all. “It is long since we talked.”
“My thanks, Gyptus. It is good to be here again.”

Lorcan’s confident smile as he and Gyptus walked round to the landing-stage made Nara feel neglected. She wished the smile was for her, now her own situation was back to threatening. A lone Selgovae, she was surrounded by even more Brigantes; from the hostile look on their faces none happy with her presence. 


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