Monday 19 March 2018

#Monday Magnificence - Cover Reveal!

There's Monday Magnificence in my brand new cover designs for my Celtic Fervour Series! 

For weeks past, I've been in correspondence with a graphic artist named Karen Barrett who took on the job of designing a matching series of covers for my Celtic Fervour Series. Karen's a highly respected and successful graphic artist, but designing covers was going to be a new venture for her.

I am so delighted to be her first customer for book cover design and can totally recommend her to anyone who might be needing covers designed for them!

Creating book cover designs for historical novels isn't always simple. For some eras there may be loads of images to choose from e.g. the Victorian era,  but eras of antiquity do not have plentiful, readily available and affordable images to use. I'm absolutely delighted with what Karen has put together for the series and can't wait any longer to share them with the world!

I'll be revealing the first three covers one at a time, so today's reveal is unsurprisingly that of Book 1.

My previous covers were designed with a very Celtic perspective in mind and I've always loved the iconic Celtic knot images that were chosen.
I'll still always have a sense of pride in my Crooked Cat Books covers but what they did not do was indicate any Roman involvement. At my Craft Fair events I've often had to say to potential customers: "Yes, my stories are about Ancient Celts but as the series progresses the involvement of the Ancient Romans increases. No, I know the cover doesn't show that but you'll know if you read the stories."  

Now, I'm hoping that people will see the cover and immediately say: "Ah, it's all about Celts being invaded by the Ancient Romans."

When I knew I'd soon be self- publishing my series I decided that new covers needed to show the Roman elements in a highly dramatic way without losing the Celtic elements. In my non artistic mind, I wanted The Beltane Choice's new cover to have merged images indicating that my story is one where the Iron Age Celts of northern Britain are being invaded and dominated by the Ancient Roman legions.

I really do think that Karen Barrett's design shows exactly that!

But...what do you think? 

My thanks go to Karen for a fantastic set of covers. Look out for the next cover reveals coming very soon!


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