Sunday, 4 June 2017

Refugees? Yes, they are.

Happy Sunday wishes to you all!

If you have a day off and the weather is fine, it sounds like a perfect time to get outdoors, settle down somewhere comfy and have a good long read.

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I'd like to say that reading outside would be lovely and relaxing for me today but rain is likely to appear around noon so a day inside doing some writing is a more likely plan of action.

I'm probably going to steer clear of reading more newspapers today, it now being after 10 a.m., but we'll see how that goes.

Recent horrific events in the UK - days ago in Manchester and last night in London - made for some harrowing reading in the newspapers. News coverage is less for similar attacks across the globe- suicide bombing and deliberate civilian targetting by vehicle - but, wherever these happen, the effect on the local population is utterly devastating.

The current methods of attack may be different from historical ones but killing and maiming innocent people across the planet isn't a new thing. It seems to me that we haven't learned much from history over the last few thousand years.

When some kind of threat attacks the people of an area there's initial and justifiable panic, and then there's a rallying round of those who try to alleviate and help the victims. Organised attempts by those in authority to catch the perpetrators of the atrocities also goes on, often successfully and at others the outcome may be more contentious. Resistance to such oppression may appear futile but often it's the only way to survive.

Whose side are you on is the question? The psychology of why these atrocities happen is crucial to know. What makes one person choose to commit acts that are disastrous to another?

Knowing why events happened historically should inform us and make us (mankind) make better current decisions  but we don't seem to have learned yet to live in peace across our increasingly frail planet. I've studied the Ancient Roman Invasion of Britannia (UK) a lot, with particular focus on the north and in Scotland, but what I've learned about the psyche of Ancient Roman Emperors and their intentions in Britannia still don't account for half of the reality of Britannia in A.D. 71- 84. Interpreting historical and archaeological evidence is very subjective and sadly doesn't give us the whole picture as much as it strives to.

Working out why things happen in our own times should be much easier - but it doesn't seem to be. Asking 'What is the real point of the atrocities that are currently being committed?' isn't bringing defining answers either.

The events in my Celtic Fervour Series of historical novels are nothing like the current situation in England, but in my series I've tried to write about what the effect is on the ordinary people who live in the northern geographical areas when catastrophe strikes.

When their usual way of life is untenable they become refugees and flee to territory that is not yet occupied- but as with other parts of the Ancient Roman Empire, it's only a matter of time before the relentlessly invading Romans are at their heels again.

In my series of novels, the Ancient Roman Legions are invading territory in the north where there is resistance from the people. The  Brigante Federation of  tribes don't want to have complete Roman rule imposed upon them. They see their way of life threatened, their customs and their religion being swept aside. Roman culture will be imposed upon them, as has already happened to tribes further south in Britannia since A.D 43 and the Claudian invasion, It's imperative for tribes to unify and come together to resist the Roman invasion, even when the tribes have been former enemies. Alliances need to be made to repel the foreign invaders.

The Brigantes engage in open pitched battle with their Roman enemy but when that still doesn't provide them with freedom they have to find other survive!

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Enjoy your reading.


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