Monday, 19 June 2017

Monday Moments with Katie Button!

Good Morning- it's another Monday! 

There was a hint of blue sky earlier on but now at 11a.m. it's back to a light grey sky but still lovely and warm for these parts.

In between my own new writing today, I'm posting some short reviews of books read last week. The first of these is another hit by +Crooked Cat Publishing Dreaming of a Happy Ever After by Lizzie Koch. 

This was another entertaining read from Ms Koch! 

Will it be Jack, James or indeed, Will? 

Having being introduced to Katie in The Adventures of Katie Button I looked forward to the next stages of Katie’s chaotic life. In the same vein as 'Bridget Jones' Katie is a young lady who finds herself in all sorts of ditzy situations. 

The dreams aspect of the story is one I find hard to relate to but that's because I never seem to remember any of my dreams! However, it's a good vehicle to use in a novel to demonstrate how people have different emotional instabilities and through various types of therapy can work through their issues. 

Once again, the author kept me wondering who was eventually going to be the true love for calamitous ‘coffee spilling’ Katie. The story flows beautifully, the dialogue sharp and realistic though I think I’d find Katie hard work if she were my friend.

This would be a great holiday read or if you’re looking for a light-hearted feel good story.  

I had no hesitation in awarding this 5 * stars as it really hit my entertainment button for this genre. 


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