Monday, 22 February 2016

Monday Moments rant about pirates

My Monday Moments are about regrets.

Regrets? I have more than a few. Pirates make me sick!

My Monday Moments would be popular with my two year old grandson if I were talking about the kind of pirates that go along with Captain Hook and his lovely plastic pirate ship toy.

Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm referring to the pirates who purport to give access to multitudes of free PDF versions of novels without the permission of author, or of publisher. Yet again, I clicked on my email mailbox to find a Google Alert about The Beltane Choice, #1 of my Celtic Fervour Series. I appreciate very much  when Google Alerts send me a message, but I HATE it when the alert is about a pirate site, or one which is affiliated and seems to be giving my work away for FREE- naturally, only after a user has signed up to the site.

The site flagged up today is the first which features The Beltane Choice in a tiny 6 second 'Youtube' type video where they have used the old cover of the book- a cover not used since December 2013.

This below is my current cover...

I really do want people to read my books and enjoy them but it cuts me to the quick that these sites deny the author the tiny royalty that one sale would bring. I don't sell all that many of my copies but it's galling to know they are being touted FREE around the internet.

I'm sure my publisher, Crooked Cat Publishing, agree that it's also their hard work in presenting my book to the public that is being denied due credit. Legitimate sales of the novels on their portfolio are about more than the money collected for one book.

Whether an author is published by one of the big publishers; is published by a smaller independent publisher; or is self-published  - gaining interest in your new book is a vital sales technique. To that end, and in the pursuit of the all too elusive reviews which help with future sales, copies of a novel can be sent out for review purposes or used in a publicity competition. If those copies are then 'sold on or given to' the pirate sites then it makes me feel even worse about my generosity, in the case of a prize, or my trust that a review copy will be accepted in the spirit in which it's given to a reviewer.

Wondering over long about who might have 'sold on ' The Beltane Choice is a futile waste of my time.

If a genuine sale transpires from an associated publicity site then I am pleased.

I just wish it were easier to tell about such sites without compromising or wrecking my laptop!

Rant over. I'll go back now to my hard won time for new writing.

Should you wish to buy my multiple 5* rated historical romantic adventure please click HERE or buy from Smashwords, B&N Nook, ITunes, KOBO... and other legitimate ebook stores. Thank you.


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