Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Fabulous review for Take Me Now

Tuesday thanks! 

Yesterday, I laid out some woes about clicking onto a 'bad' Google Alert. Today, I am delighted to have Google Alerts flag up a very good thing

Take Me Now has had a lovely review from The Book Maven - a lady who reads a lot of novels! 

My thanks to her for this excellent review. 

….another wonderful book for me to share with you.  Take Me Now is a contemporary romance with a suspenseful twist.  This wonderful story takes one part stubborn alpha, one part sassy heroine and one part danger to make a sexy romance with suspense on the side.

Nairn is a workaholic.  Even after he is injured in an accident he insists on interviewing for his open PA position.  What Nairn doesn’t bank on is the no nonsense way Aela first deals with her incapacitated prospective employer.  As Nairn and Aela learn how to work together they become closer than normal employer and employees should.  But, when danger comes into play all Nairn can think is to protect Aela and send her away.  What he doesn’t expect is a woman that will do as she pleases.  Can the two of them survive the people determined to hurt them? Can they even survive each other?
This was quite a ride.  It had some very funny moments, sexy moments and don’t forget the suspense.  Nairn and Aela’s relationship was a memorable one.  it was fun watching it develop even if it started off stranger than most.  It was the development and growth between these two characters that propelled the story.  Through them they discover what is really happening to Nairn’s company.  Along the way they discover things about each other that brings them closer.  Nancy Jardine manages to weave a romantic story with the added rush of danger and intrigue.  I would recommend anyone to pick up this book just to meet your next broody book boyfriend, Nairn Malcolm.


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