Saturday, 13 February 2016


Paying it forward

I'm still of the same conviction that reviews really do matter to an author and I'm trying to review each read as I complete a book- whether it be fiction or non-fiction.  

Here's another that I lust read recently. I've read Jen Black before and I have to really thank her because in the first instance she offered up her novel for a FREE day on Amazon and I snapped up the chance. I'll be reading a lot of her books, methinks, since I'm enjoying their entertainment between my heavier non-fiction Roman Scotland books. 

Fair Border Bride by Jen Black

This is a lovely read, taking us back to Northumberland in the early 1500s. Alina is a very forward lass for her time who has an immediate fancy for a new lad in town. The story isn’t that simple, of course, and there are very amusing moments – even though they probably shouldn’t be since they’re almost deadly ones for the main male character, Harry. Harry is a young man to whom a lot of unusual things happen but he’s got a really think skull and he can take a bit of roughing up! He’s a likeable chap, as is Alina a likeable lass. I didn’t think anyone was a real baddie but there are some dastardly deeds happening in them borders areas- the reivers are out but they’re not the only ones who are pretty nasty at times. The path to Harry and Alina becoming a wedded couple is full of pitfalls and hitches. The wedding scene wasn’t exactly predictable but it was easy to picture it since the writing is very well portrayed. Some of the speech seemed a little modern for me but it was a quickly read, highly enjoyable tale. 

Here's to happy reading. I'm still wading through my kindle TBR pile with a few paperbacks also in the queue. How about you? 


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