Sunday, 21 February 2016

Love Walked In by Francine Howarth

Happy Sunday wishes to you!

My leisure reading is continuing just now and my latest fiction read is Love Walked In by Francine Howarth.  

Here are my thoughts on this gripping, fast paced romantic suspense, which I'd also classify as a  5* political thriller. 

From page one there was an urge to read on to find out what Cassie’s recently assassinated husband had been up to. The world of the spy in 1992 was probably not too different from that of today – the details of this novel highlighting the never ending struggle of resisting evil in the drugs and arms trades, and in the political machinations between high profile countries. Mac is an interesting character, his background and relationship with Cassie's ex-husband eventually unravelling as the story comes to a conclusion. There are multiple well-depicted characters in the novel who all play important parts, though the reasoning behind some of their deeds was sometimes hard to fathom- as was an occasional piece of information a bit flummoxing. The different themes and interconnections within the storyline kept me on my ‘reader toes’ as I guessed how their ultimate part would play out at the end.  The dialogue is believable; gritty and earthy at times. The developing romance between Cassie and Mac isn't smooth sailing. There's a good degree of mistrust which takes time and unusual situations to resolve. I'll now be looking out for more of Francine Howarth’s contemporary novels as well as her historical ones.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a bit of politics within their romance reading. 


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  1. Oooh. Thank you so very much, Nancy. A review is always much appreciated! I hadn't seen this and someone else pointed me in the right direction.


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