Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tuesday Paybacks...some overdue reviews

Tuesday Reviews 

 It's been a while since I've had time to add any reviews of books read in recent months so I aim to do a bit of that now. The books I've been reading have been quite varied and my comments and thoughts were written after I finished the novels.  What you'll find here is likely to be repeated across Amazon and other places.

Savage Payback by Seumas Gallacher

Trust. Faith. Loyalty. Zealous protection of family. These are all important threads running though this fast-paced novel. The lack of trust on the part of some of the shadier characters is balanced by defensive feelings for their family - even if it’s in a manipulative way. Jack Calder’s instinct to cosset and care for his wife is also incredibly strong - this need driving the plot throughout as Calder and his colleagues strive to find those responsible for the dire deeds that are done at the beginning of the novel.

Then reader is plunged into the action immediately and it continues relentlessly- violent, meticulous and thorough. Seumas Gallacher’s writing is sharp, the dialogue entirely believable with no unnecessary digression. These techniques flow seamlessly throughout the writing making the characters easy to empathise with or, at times, hate according to their interactions with the other characters.

Duval is a very interesting character. Leading such a solitary life makes it hard to see if anything makes the man ‘tick’ in addition to his driving need to go from one deadly assignment to the next. His skills are varied. He’s in great demand by those who wish to harm others but I’d not like to be one the end of Duval’s meticulous planning.  

This Jack Calder novel is the first I’ve read but I’ll be reading the others in due course. If you like an action packed novel with a strong plot then you’ll love Savage Payback.  

Look out for more reviews coming since I have the time today and good internet. 

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