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Monday Moments are with A Friendly Christine Warner

Hello! Monday Moments are back and I'm...
delighted to welcome Christine Warner who has returned to pose some great 'what's a romance hero job' questions for us in her guest post. There's also information about her contemporary romance novel A Friendly Engagement; a super little excerpt, and a chance to WIN something lovely via her Rafflecopter. For an international winner there's a $15 Amazon Gift Card or for a winner more local to Christine there's the swag you see below! Look for the link to enter the competition at the end of the post.

'A Friendly Engagement' Winner Swag

Welcome, Christine, to my blog on what is a grey and rainy summer day here in north-east Scotland but you've already brightened that up by popping over from Michigan where you're hopefully basking in the sun. Let's see what questions you've got for us today.

Christine writes:

Bringing Home the Bacon

Let’s face it, when writers are dreaming up their stories we want our characters to have normal lives…or as normal as they can have.  We hope our readers will feel a connection with our heroine and hero.  And to do that they have to have characteristics and traits and occupations just like most every normal person.

Today I’d like to share my top 10 list for romance heroes' occupations. Nothing is based on any “scientific” studies, or decades long research, but just my opinion. This is a simple list compiled from my years as a die-hard romance reader, a little bit of help from Google, and talking with other avid readers. Basically, I read contemporary romance, so that is what I’m basing my list on.

So, without further ado, since I know you are biting your nails and sitting on the edge of your seat with bated breath, here is my list of top 10 occupations for romance heroes—in no particular order J.

1. Doctor/Surgeon
2. Cowboy/Rancher
3. Boss/Business owner (Which is the occupation of my hero Omar in A Friendly Engagement)
4. Contractor
5. Firefighter
6. Royalty—Prince, King, Sheikh
7. Bartender
8. Soldier
9. Bodyguard
10. Sheriff/Detective

All of these occupations make me picture a strong, stable, delectable hero with bulging biceps and integrity for sure.  A man who is powerful and take charge, but we all know deep down he can be sensitive, caring and fulfill all our fantasies—emotionally and beyond *wink*.

I have a special fondness for the Boss/Business owner type of hero. Especially when one of the main tropes in the story is boss/employee. There’s that little bit of taboo between a boss getting involved with one of his employees that I just love. It can make for some interesting scenes between the pair.

What have been some occupations of the heroes in your own romances, or in romances you’ve read? Maybe one that was unexpected—out of the norm for a man to do or one that you just don’t picture a hero working at. Or one that is in the norm but didn’t make my list.  Or if you prefer to read paranormal, historical, futuristic or another genre, what is a popular occupation for heroes in those genres?

Looking forward to your answers. 

Nancy says: My answer to Christine's question is in the comments section. 

Here's more about A Friendly Engagement 

 What's a little engagement between friends?

Omar Esterly is married to his job. But when Omar sets his sights on a potential, family-oriented client, his confirmed bachelorhood becomes a problem. Fortunately, his friend and employee, Devi Boss, has the perfect plan...

Okay, so it wasn't exactly Devi's plan to become her friend's fake fiancĂ©e. Lies aren't her style. However, Omar offers her a big, beautiful raise - enough to track down the missing father she's never known - and Devi reluctantly agrees to the whole engagement hoax...

This was supposed to be a no-strings-attached win-win for both Devi and Omar, but when they cross the line between friendship and...well, something more, Devi realizes she's made a huge mistake that just might cost her both job and friend - falling for her fiancé.
A Friendly Engagement Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance | Kobo Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Length: 233 Pages

And get to know Christine a little bit:

Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her husband, three children, one laptop and a much loved assortment of furry friends.

Besides laughing and a good round of humor, Christine enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmitic.  A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities.  She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines.

A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, Christine enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on Facebook, Twitter and her website.

Christine's Media LinksWebsite | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Newsletter | Street Team | Amazon Author Page

Here's a short excerpt from A Friendly Engagement to give you an idea of what Omar and Devi are like...

“I’m glad you approve. How about you? Fantasies?”

At the moment her fantasy was stripping down naked and letting him have his way with her. Damn, if he didn’t make a move soon, she might take the reins and have her way with him. Screw not making the first move. She’d push him back against the mattress and climb aboard. Being on top definitely had advantages. Goose bumps erupted on her flesh at the thought. She wanted him, but she didn’t realize the intensity until now.

From over his shoulder the television caught her eye. Her favorite part in the movie filled the screen. “I do have a fantasy. Kind of a silly one.”

“Now you have to share.”

“Mine involves a superhero. He’d hang upside down from the building, I’d remove his mask just enough to reveal his lips, and we’d kiss—of course all of this would happen after he came to my rescue.”

“Would you tell him he’s amazing?” S

he felt her face heat, again. “Of course.”

“And that’s all? I would bet money you’d fantasize about more than a kiss.”

A bubble of laughter escaped. “You got me. Afterward he’d carry me to a romantic oasis by the water, he’d give me the most incredible foot massage, and we’d make passionate love on a bed littered with rose petals—in assorted colors.”

“Rose petals?”

“Oh yeah. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this fantasy. If you’re going to do it, you might as well enjoy it with a superhero. Plus, this is my fantasy. I get it the way I want.”

“Nice to know about your superhero, but I revealed a fantasy about you. I thought you’d reciprocate.” The teasing quality left his voice, and his eyes darkened as they circled the obvious peaks of her nipples through her bathing suit cover-up.

She swallowed. How the hell could he turn her on with just a few words, or looks? “Who said I don’t think of you as my superhero? After all, you rescued me from painful feet and carried me upstairs…”

Thanks for popping in today, Christine. Best wishes for loads of sales during your tour for A Friendly Engagement.

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  1. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog. I always have a great time when I visit :)

    1. Hi Christine. I was so slow at filling out the Rafflecopter I almost forgot to add my comment!

  2. Great questions, Christine! My contemporary heroes tend to fit into the 'boss' category because in my contemporary mystery Topaz Eyes my hero, Teun Zeger, is a scientist who runs a research lab. In my most recently published contemporary novel Take Me Now, Nairn Malcolm runs a group of companies which specialise in daredevil adventure experiences. My Celtic Fervour historical adventures are different because in those novels my heroes are warrior celts who also happen to excel at spying for their Brigante king and against the Roman invaders in northern Britannia.

  3. Hi, Christine,

    Your list of hero occupations is spot on.

    I've written about a Cowboy. But, he is Cowboy Trucker who manhandles an 18-wheeler while wooing the heroine. My Contractor hero is a builder with a vision. The Firefighter in my WIP is a prankster who plays dress-up.

    The hero in my current novel is a Farmer--a Crawfish Farmer, to be exact.

    I think that's pretty "out of the norm". Don't you think?

    Congrats on your new release.

    Mickie Sherwood
    ~~Sweet, spicy romance – a heartbeat away! ~~


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