Sunday, 26 July 2015

Banchory Show howler!

Happy Sunday to you!

The skies are light grey here but's not raining, so I'm smiling. My bearded irises are looking beautiful just now and brightening up both me and the garden.

Yesterday, at the Banchory Show it showered heavily on and off, but since I was inside a large marquee it didn't matter to me, or to my books. The part of the canvas I was stationed under had no leaks, though a few of my crafter friends weren't so lucky because they had the odd drip or two over the day. Not good for any craft products and disastrous to paperback books since they never recover their newness, even if the paper dries out. 

The howler of the day was when... 

A browser came to my table. She scanned it quickly and then said, " All these books are by Nancy Jardine, don't you have anything by anyone else?" She then looked up at my very obvious banner and a bit sheepishly squeaked, "Oh, you're the author?" The conversation then revealed she liked to read historical fiction so she bought a copy of The Beltane Choice. Result - one happy author :-)

Otherwise, the 194th Banchory Show was a hopping affair! The traffic inside the marquee was constant, though many of those people were merely browsing- especially those who arrived just after the start at 9a.m. Some of those browsers seemed interested in my books but a few actually told me that they had just paid £10 entry fee (£2 more than last year) and that their disposable funds had to last the whole day. They weren't buying anything so early in the day. Seeing what else were possible purchases was their plan before spending their cash. I guessed that watching the pennies was the order of the day.

One customer was lost since I don't have a credit card machine. Unusually, the signal on my phone was actually quite good, even though I was in a public park so when I can justify the cost of a reliable machine, I'll get one organised. I need to watch those pennies, too. If I can generate a hike in internet ebook sales maybe that'll happen. If wishes were horses...

The highlights of the Banchory Show?

I sold 14 of my paperback books. I've a potential 'after lunch' speaking engagment at one of the busiest activity parks on Royal Deeside. That was an intriguing conversation with Cilla Wood- the Sales and Marketing Manager of Deeside Activity Park. I'll be emailing her later today to see what can transpire.

I also talked to loads of lovely people. They were great conversations - even though they didn't buy my books. It's amazing how fast the day went, though I was almost literally on my feet for 12 hours, give or take an hour's driving time.

I'll be aiming to do some writing- after I cut the grass... and clean out the boxroom... and do the odd spot of childminding as the house move progresses for my extended family.

#8 of Gonna Build a House coming up soon.

And now I see that the sun is coming out, so I best get dressed and get on with the day! 


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