Sunday, 5 July 2015

#7 Gonna Build a House

1st April 2015

I've not blogged for ages about the house building process but I can assure you that the builders haven't abandoned the house at a critical stage. 

What follows is a bit of reflection… since my idea of regularly posting about the building of my daughter’s house was too ambitious. For some reason regular childminding, other family commitments and book launches have sucked up my time and posting about the house build has gone onto the back burner.

This post is to redress the lack and will essentially be a round up of the interesting facets of the actual ‘build’ process—without being too personal since it isn’t my own house!

I was told by the builder that there would be a time when massive progress would be visible with  evidence of the construction (from the outside) which would then be followed by a period of seeing little change from the outside—though plenty of time and effort would still be going on to the inside.

That proved to be totally true.  

From the 1st April the brickwork began to stack up to the outside of the greenlayer which protected the wooden framework.

The electricity meter box was in situ and the other services entrances/ exits were in place.
4th April 2015

In tandem with the brickies who were creating that ouside brick cladding, the joiners were making great progress with the inner 'compartments' - i.e. the rooms. 

Nipping in for a quick glimpse after the workmen had gone home for the day was a wonderful experience and there continued to be a sense of awe about what was happening on that patch of ground.

6th April 2015

The timber used on the walls and roof structures looked so fine as it was installed. It seemed a shame to cover it all up but that was what had to be. The great thing was that we could see the excellent workmanship by the joiners employed by the building firm. (A & M Bruce, Westhill) 

6th April 2015

9th April 2015

The awe wasn't felt just by the adults! 

My granddaughter was beginning to believe that what would eventually transpire would be her new house.

Day by day the progress was great. By the 9th April the site manager took us up to the upper floor to get the feel of the space above. 

At this point we were climbing the ladder you see at the right of the  photo to get to the upper floor. Only under strict supervision, and with one of the male adults carrying the children, were we allowed aloft! 

Sadly, I don't remember the site manager offering to carry me it's just as well I don't have a problem climbing a ladder. 

By the 13th April the Velux windows were in place and the super quality insulation was being installed.

The plumbers and electricians were also on site by the 21st April.

The downstairs shower room was taking shape. It was quite an eyeopener to see that partial installment before the interior walls were built.

The outside brick work was looking well on the way towards completion though the blocks were still to be harled.

The slaters had already visited and the slate roof was in place. Slates - rather than tiles - were a requirement by the local council planners to 'fit' in with the traditional houses in Kintore- although many of the houses of our neighbours have tiled roofs on their 1970s built houses. 

The windows and patio doors were in place. 

Children will climb on anything when they think they're not being seen! My granddaughter is no exception and will climb anything in sight. My grandson, though not in these photos is exactly the same!

I'll post more photos next time from the hundreds that I've taken during the build process.  It was all systems go at the 'new house'.



  1. It seems like the house have gone on to have so many improvements, so far. It sure looks big and lovely, and I'm sure you're proud of it. Anyway, I have to agree that children really do love to climb on anything. I'm sure your granddaughter is loving the fact that the house has an upper floor. Haha! Anyway, I hope to see more photos of the house soon. Thanks for sharing that, Nancy! All the best to you!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

  2. Thank you for commenting, Arthur. I just need to find the time to post more photos and details.


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