Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Banchory Show

Happy Saturday to you!

Today, I'm off to the Banchory Show to sell my books. This will be the first time I've attended as a stallholder - though I have gone before as a browser. 

So, where is Banchory and what is the 'Banchory Show' about?  

Banchory is a town about 18 miles west of Aberdeen. I can reach it by going across country in around 25 minutes, or longer if I get stuck behind any of the multitude of farm vehicles that slowly ply the small country roads. To be fair, I will be using the direct accesses they have between some of their fields.

The Banchory Show is held every July at the King George V Park. There are likely to be many different events at this prestigious show since it will be the 194th of that ilk! 

The programme of events is impressive , though as a stallholder I'll not manage to see any of it.

If I had the time, I might have submitted my entry to the 'Stickmaking' competition. ;-)

I'll blog more about it after the event!


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