Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Forever Mine by Zanna Mackenzie - thoughts on...

 Forever Mine by Zanna Mackenzie

I looked forward to reading this one because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Ms Mackenzie’s previous novels.

This second Amber Reed novel has lived up to my expectations, and in fact makes me very keen to read the next Amber story because Forever Mine leaves me wondering what future relationships Amber might have.
There’s an ‘easy read’ feel to the Amber Reed stories, the pace kept going by great dialogue that’s very believable. Amber is a fun character to read about - her learning curve displaying her strengths and her vulnerabilities. She matures with each new case she has to solve. The other characters are also showing hidden depths to them and I’m keen to see how they grow and develop as well.  
If, like me, you like a romantic comedy with a good sound mystery in the plot then you’ll enjoy reading Zanna Mackenzie’s Amber Reed stories. 

Ms Mackenzie's stories are well written, very well edited and a pleasure to read.

I have no hesitations in giving this 5 stars.  


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