Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Kelpie...translated

As part of my blogs on Kelpies here's a repeat of the poem by Aberdeenshire poet 'W.D. Cocker' named 'The Kelpie'.  

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The Kelpie by W.D. Cocker
O, wha would ride by the river side,

Wha for a wager would ride or rin

In the mirk o’ nicht, when there’s nae mune licht,

An’ the kelpie is plowterin’ deep in his linn?

In the mirk o’ nicht, when there’s nae mune licht,

It’s I for a wager would ride or rin;

Wi’ my guid braid sword I will cross the ford

Though the kelpie be plowterin’ deep in his linn.

Bethink ye, laird, hoo the gangrel fared

That waesome nicht at the ford lang syne.

He was a caird, an’ I’m a laird!

I fear nae kelpie. Steer roun’ the wine.

He has drained the cup, he is oot an’ up,

On his braw, black steed he has taen the gate;

Noo wi’ mony a qualm gaes roon the dram

As his freens jalouse what maun be his fate.

There’s a horse gaen gyte, wi flanks faem-white,

Comes rampin’, stampin’ hame to the ha’,

An’ fa’s deid in the yaird-but, ochone! for the laird-

The kelpie has gotten him, banes an’ a’!

Translation for some Aberdeenshire/Doric words: 
rin- run
mirk- dark
nicht- night
mune licht- moon light
plowterin'- splashing aimlessly; playing around
linn- a waterfall; deep and narrow gorge
gangrel- vagrant;tramp
waesome- sorrowful
caird - a tinker; an able-bodied beggar
freens- friends
jalouse- suspect; guess
gyte- mad;insane with rage 
faem- foam
ha' - hall; farmhouse
yaird- yard
banes- bones


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