Monday, 28 July 2014

Paying It Forward

It's Monday Moments time again!

I hope your Monday has dawned as beautiful as mine has.

I've had a long break from promoting the novels of other authors, but I'm picking up the practice again.  Today on my FEATURES blog you'll find Zanna Mackenzie and information about her Contemporary Romance - If You Only Knew - published by Crooked Cat Publishing.

Someone close to me recently asked why I spend the short time I do setting up such a post, instead of using that 15 minutes for my own writing. It's a very good question and the answer is simply that I like the idea of 'Paying It Forward'.

When I first heard the phrase I hadn't a clue what it meant and had to learn. A little help here and there from a fellow author can go a long way. One way to provide that help is to spend those 15 minutes, or so, to set up a simple promotional blog post in the hope that you can increase visibility for the writing in as many places as possible. In reciprocal form, I hope to advertise my own writing by guesting at other blogs, as well.

Since Zanna's post is already up and 'live', the rest of my day is set out quite clearly. It's a lovely sunny day so I have to make both outside and inside progress. My outside progress will be tackling my side of the 12 feet high beech hedge which borders my back garden.

The good news is that my son-in-law is about to tackle it instead of me...though I need to set it up and show him the 'how to'. I have a number of other garden tasks to do since there's a bit of garden clearance going on at present and the need for that will hopefully be divulged in a bit. My lavender, top photo, needs to be collected before the bees and wasps have complete fill. I don't collect and dry it for 'pot pourri' every year but today is the day!

My inside writing jobs have to encompass making a better list of my twitter contacts since I've, admittedly, never learned how to tweet properly and need to do that asap. It's easy to post on twitter but not so easy to use it socially and reciprocate. I also need to learn to use Hootsuite, which I joined over the weekend. My promotional tasks only increase rather than decrease, but that's the name of this writing game.  

Since my re-writes of my contemprary romances are done I'm moving on to the editing of my novel for early teens ...and some NEW writing! I'm so looking forward to that since Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series has been neglected of late.

Itching...I'm itching... but first I'll be itching from the tiny insects on that beech hedge which I love and hate in equal measures. It's a fabulous screening between gardens but it's a b...bind  to cut.

See you later, but please pop over and visit my FEATURES and read about  Zanna's - If You Only Knew.

ps I'm just like Zanna in that I've got her novel on my  knidle but haven't managed to find the itme to read it yet. 



  1. I first heard of the term Pay it Forwards in the movie of that name which was a real tear jerker. It is a lovely concept and I am grateful to have benefitted from it by writing friends, yourself very much to the foremost. I try to do the same for others and hope that it is enough. It is lovely of you to restart this and I hope your son-in-law realised the distinguished mantle he is taking on. Lovely article as always. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Giselle. That's very kind of you to say so. Please visit me anytime and I'll be delighted to do a bit of promo for your writing.


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