Friday, 18 July 2014

Romans ride north!

Hurry - they're coming! 

Well, they are but I don't know exactly who, or how many, but the Roman Chariots are coming to Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, this Saturday- 19th July 2014.

I was going to go for a Fun Day Out to watch the spectacle of Roman chariot racing and all the other exciting displays that are planned, but instead I'm going to have a fun day in my gazebo. And the really exciting thing is that my gazebo will be pitched right alongside the Circus Fraserus - or whatever they name the chariot racing arena!

Since I aim to sell tons of books at the fair, I've been doing a bit of preparation. The stall is going to look tremendous and I'm going to totally forget the threat of rain, thunder and lightning.

I'm very anal but I actually like making bookmarks and busines cards and posters and signs and flyers- not all in the photo yet, but this isn't quite my complete stall layout. That's still to come.

Selling my Celtic Roman adventures, at a Roman Chariot Racing event at Castle Fraser, was just too good to pass up on. Especially since the castle is a stone's throw from Beinn Na Ciche (Bennachie), the mountain where my battle takes place between the Roman armies of Agricola and the Celts led by Calgach. Yes- it is largely following the Annals of Tacitus but I really do believe the battle was on Beinn Na Ciche (Bennachie).


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