Tuesday, 22 July 2014

That writing process revisited

Welcome to my ‘Writing Process’ - Part two.

Back in February of this year, I was tagged for this writing process game by Mark Patton. This time I said yes to another Crooked cat Author- Jeff Gardiner - since things are a bit different for me.  Read about Jeff's writing process HERE 

What am I currently working on?
Currently I’m spending most of my time writing blog posts on anything and everything, though these are sometimes related to my novels. I’ve also been re-editing but only doing a little new writing. Since my two Wild Rose Press novels had exceeded their contracted time, I requested back the rights to the novels. I have spent time in May and June rewriting them to versions that are more like the original mysteries with romantic elements. I thought removing the heady sensual romance that was required for The Wild Rose Press, a romance only publisher, would be an easy process but actually, I found it wasn’t. Thankfully, I had saved an earlier version of the novels (pre submission to TWRP) and have used these to make new versions. They are still the same basic plots but have a different, less romantic slant and are now for a general ‘mystery-loving’ audience.

What makes my writing distinctive?
My historical work has elements of romance and adventure, but they are also incredibly steeped in authentic detail. My readers’ comments reflect that they appreciate just how much effort I put into achieving this ‘stepping into Roman Britain’ and experiencing it as my characters do.  
Writing in both historical and contemporary mystery genres means a nice refreshing change for me but it is also hard to maintain the publicity aspects of promoting in different places. I am on far too many Facebook groups to properly manage them but need a presence on some of the mystery thriller groups and in the historically inclined ones. Since romantic elements also feature in my work, I’m in those circles as well.
Why do I write what I write?
I have a great need to write about the past, and since I love the researching processes involved, that’s a fantastic thing. I can spend far too much time trawling n the internet or through my source books, but I never regret the time spent learning something new and relevant. My contemporary mysteries tend to also have something to do with ancestry or they are a way to write about fabulous world locations that I’ve visited and want to remember in my own way.
How does the writing process work?
Not always well. Some days hardly more than a few words are written for a blog article and very little on my new writing as I’m lucky to snatch a few minutes here and there. My daughter, her husband and her family (an almost 3 year old toddler and a 4 month old baby) are living with me till they have a new house built. That’s quite an accommodation for many different domestic reasons. Enough said about constant washing!
I find that I can’t resist interacting with my daughter and grandchildren during the day but I am learning to snatch time for my writing in the wee small hours, when they are all abed.
That situation won’t change for some months to come, so I am accepting my writing output has lessened. Rather that than a nervous breakdown! Shutting the door and not allowing entry to my writing cave just isn’t something I can do, because I love them all and don’t want to miss this precious growing up time that a lot of grannies don’t have the opportunity to get.
What next?
Re-publishing of my two romantic mysteries, and initial publishing of my time –travel novel for early teens are my total priority just now. My deadline for completion is the middle of August, after which I’m only working on new work. That will be continuing Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series, interspersed with my family saga which has been totally abandoned for months. Oh, and continuing with blog post writing which I really enjoy. 

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At the moment I have no-one to tag, but should I get volunteers I will add their names.
**Update** I now have D.E.Royce and Lisa Dyer to tag.


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