Saturday, 26 July 2014

Saturday Bennachie Visiting

It's a sunny Saturday here and a perfect day for climbing the hill range I described on yesterday's blog post - Bennachie. 

Since I'm sitting at my desk writing, what am I missing at Bennachie? 

At Bennachie there's a great little Bennachie Visitor Centre. Inside the centre there is a permanent exhibition, which is family friendly, telling a little about the history of the area. The geological formation of the hill range is explained and there's a bit about its first settlers. Those were hardy people who scratched a living from the soil on its lower slopes. You can also learn about the wildlife which inhabits the area. There are some small interactive devices to educate through entertainment. From the dedicated hide you can watch the wildlife in its natural habitat.

You can walk along beautiful trails and not fear getting lost since there are plenty of markers to keep you on track.

Should you be thinking of doing one of the hill climbs, you can find out about the predicted weather conditions. This is particularly useful for some of the longer trails in a landscape where weather conditions can change very rapidly, deteriorating to such an extent- especially in winter- that it becomes dangerous to be out without proper protection from the elements.

These just a few more resons for why I love to include Bennachie in my writing- even though I have to do a bit of imagining of what the area might have looked like some 2000years ago. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

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