Thursday, 2 May 2013

Pretty pink whats?

Welcome to the second of May! 

After all my focused posts during my A to Z challenge May might be just a bit different.

To start off a series of random posts I decided I needed cheering up. My north east of Scotland weather is as varied as we expect. This morning dawned with a totally blue sky which soon deteriorated. Now it's cloudy and still a bit nippy at around 7 deg C.

The best thing is -it might not be totally sunny -but it's not raining. My garden needs a lot of tending but I'm cheering us up with a favourite of mine that never fails to turn up, and brightens the many places it features in my garden.

I just call this my pretty pink primulas since they've been in the garden so long I've forgotten their proper name. If anyone out there can tell me exactly what the proper name is I've got a label ready with a permanent marker just at hand. 

Have a nice day.

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