Friday, 3 May 2013

Blame Game

Familiarise Friday Welcomes - Luke Salieri  - from Monogamy Twist. Luke has rattled his answers back at me, in keeping with the fast fire nature of Familiarise Friday questions.

Where were you brought up?
Brisbane, Australia- with a bit of Italy thrown in since I spent all  my summer vacations in Italy; around three months of every year, I guess.

Where are you currently living?
In a hotel in Yorkshire, England, but I’m moving into Rhia’s cottage as soon as possible.

What would be your ideal place to stay for a month?
Ah! Great question. The way I’m feeling right now my answers just might be different if you ask the same question next week. Somewhere totally isolated that was in perfect condition and needed absolutely no renovation. No cell phone coverage and I’d take nothing satellite bound either!  

What would you do there?
No too much. The absolute basics. Eat. Sleep. Make love. To Rhia who’d be with me.  

Tell me 6 things about yourself.
Driven, hard working, loyal, tenacious, smart, quick-thinking
How would your other half describe you? 
Good-looking, tall, generous, workaholic, enthusiastic, pain in the ass, demanding, best lover ever!

You know that you have to change your lifestyle. What would you change first?
I'd cut down on my work day. I’m a workaholic who gets swept up in the challenge of the new.

What leisure pursuits would you want to take up in 2013?
More dog walking – with Rhia and Thor.

What’s your most favourite way to travel?
Helicopter. It zips me around  for those shorter hops and saves me a lot of time.

What kind of novels do you tend to read? 
Thrillers, but I rarely have time for pleasure reading. 

Well I'm so pleased you've taken time to come to Familiarise Friday today, Luke. Thank you, and best wishes with your quest to find out who has bequeathed you that lovely old mansion in Yorkshire, England.

 Here's a little snippet from Monogamy Twist, with Rhia.

“Rhia!” he snorted instead. “Of course it will. How could I ignore such a valuable property?”
Rejection and then disappointment flashed across her lovely face before she answered, “You’ve lost me.” Her gaze drew away. “Do you want it or not?”
“Rhia, please take heed,” Luke sighed, his voice enticing her to turn back. He didn’t dare touch her. And he did want it…but knew that wasn’t what she meant. He didn’t dare use his fingertips to turn her delectable little chin toward him, for he knew one fingering would never be enough. “It would be a crying shame to leave that house to rot for another fifty years. It’s a valuable house and valuable land. It could be converted to multiple uses for corporate business, or as a hotel facility.”
“Ah…future revenues?” Her eyes held that astutely impressive derision again.
His face crept closer, his lips only a pout away. “Rhia, you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that house to fall into even more disrepair, that house you’ve already professed to love? Would you?”
She was floundering like a non-swimmer in a forest puddle, indecision hovering over her gorgeous eyes. He was confident she couldn’t resist him. His libido kicked in triple time, but his resolve quadrupled.
“Would you want that on your conscience? Knowing it was your fault it happened?”
My fault?”
He knew his propinquity was keeping her spellbound, but by her glower she wasn’t taking the flack. Her disgusted expression informed him in no uncertain terms what she thought about his last words.
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