Monday, 10 September 2012

What a lovely weekend! A second (almost) 5 star review.

Great reviews defnitely make an author happy and I'm no exception. My 2 releases of August are garnering in some lovely reviews. 

 Today it's the turn of my Take Me Now release of 3rd August from The Wild rose Press. 

Karen Michelle Nutt has just posted a very pertinent, insightful - almost 5 star - review on Goodreads for Take Me Now.  (Please note- It is my Nairn she's talking about!) 

 A strong 4 1/2 Stars for this Lovely Romance.

Narin Malcom needs a competent aide and chauffer. Aela Cameron needs a job and agrees to be at this Scottish hunk’s beck and call. However, someone is bent on ending Narin’s life, but danger to life and limb is not the only thing these two must worry about when their passing fancy becomes something more. Hearts are in jeopardy of being broken if their romantic trysts do not eventually involve trust and commitment.

Ms. Jardine romantic tale contains a wounded hero you’ll want to nurse back to health yourself. The foreplay will keep you breathless and Narin and Aela’s banter will make you chuckle. The description the Scottish castle is rich and brings alive the old structure in vivid detail. As for the secondary character: I really adored Ruarhid, Narin’s father.

The only minor disappointment was that I’d hoped for a little more danger and suspense when I realized Narin’s injuries were from someone attempting to end his life, but this story is a romance first and foremost and a delightful one at that. I highly recommend this lovely romance.

Karen Michelle Nutt, author of Magic of the Loch

Miss Nutt's comments have highlighted the parts she enjoyed most and she's also homed in on an aspect which surfaced when the story was being edited. I did a blog post recently ( 8th August) on the very subject which ran along the lines of which 'line' should the story be marketed in.  It had elements of it being a Wild Rose Press crimson story but not enough of the danger to be a clear contender for that 'line'. Since it was not intended for anything other than a general contemporary romance -of the champagne rose line - the crimson elements were toned down and the romance hyped up.

I'm delighted Karen noticed this since it does highlight that publishers guidelines for their different 'lines' can be restricting to an author who wants to develop a story that's a little out of the norm.

Thank you for a great review, Karen Michelle Nutt.

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