Thursday, 6 September 2012


How do you take a break from promoting new books?

It seems like a simple question, but I'm not sure I know the answer since I'm posting another little excerpt from THE BELTANE CHOICE. 

Nara gets herself into a little pickle....

Forceful winds blew, no rain fell, though the sky was dark and heavy with rain clouds when Lorcan looked up. They were traversing the flatlands bordering a dried-up riverbed, trees swathing both sides, when Cearnach’s warning alerted them to danger. Romans! A small troop of them were approaching quickly.
Carrying two weights, Rowan lingered behind the other horses as they sped into the trees. Even though Lorcan was weak, Nara had ridden at his back, supporting him when necessary.
Barely into the woods, Lorcan heard a faint cry behind him and felt her lurch from Rowan’s flanks. Pulling the horse up as quickly as he could he circled back to find her. When he spied her his ferocious cry rang out across the glade.

Nara lay pinned to the ground, a Roman spear thrust through her upper arm. Two Roman auxiliaries were swiftly dismounting and hurrying towards her.
The whistle of Lorcan’s spear caught the first Roman in the throat where the earflaps of his helmet parted and his chest amour had not yet begun. The soldier thudded to the ground. Cearnach had whipped back to join him, both of them launching upon the second Roman before he could wing his spear or raise his sword. When the soldier lay dead at his feet, Lorcan surged back to Nara.
“Nara! Do not dare die on me now.”

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