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Welcoming Karlene Blakemore-Mowle today

Droolworthy heroes-don't we just love them!

Hello. Today I'm welcoming Karlene Blakemore-Mowle who lives in a country I've yet to visit-Australia. The intention has been there, and I almost made it last year, but who knows...maybe next?  Karlene's brought along some wonderful cover pics to add some colour to the blog today, the colours so vibrant and eye-catching. So let's have a little drool...

What makes a hero drool-worthy?

Here's what Karlene thinks...

It’s always amazed me that there are some things that translate into any language, custom or country; chocolate, a friendly smile and a drool-worthy hero are the first few that come to mind!

How do I know this? Well, basically because I think I’ve traversed quite a few demographics and genres and I find that my male heroes in particular, get the same response from women no matter what country they come from. 

I’m an Australian, and I’ve written for three U.S publishers as well as an Australian one. I write romantic suspense, fantasy and rural romances and I have a cross of American and Australian characters in my books. Now you’d think with that kind of mix things it would be hard to separate your genres and writing style…well sometimes it can be, but basically what I’ve come to realise is that a hero, is a hero, no matter where you come from.

In my Operation series, I have U.S Marines. In Fallout, I have a former Australian Special Forces soldier. In my fantasy novel, The Cottage by the Lake my hero is a Royal Guard. However in my Australian rural titles, I have policemen and farmers…so what do all these men have in common? What makes these diverse men, drool-worthy?

I think a drool-worthy hero has to be so much more than just hunky, (It doesn’t hurt!) but it’s more than that. He has to be loyal. He has to be protective, have a sense of humour and a soft spot. And let me tell you, being this awesome is not for the fainthearted! These guys have had to work hard to perfect all this drool-worthy-ness! But hey, someone has to do it, right?

It doesn’t matter if the character is a Marine or a farmer—if he isn’t there to protect and take care of his woman’s wellbeing then I’m sorry, but he just isn’t going to make the cut!

You can find out more about my characters here

Thank you so much for having me here today, look me up on facebook, would love to see you there.

Karlene lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia.

A certified small town girl, she is most happy in a little town where everyone knows who your grandparents were.
Writing romantic suspense under Karlene Blakemore-Mowle and Australian rural fiction under Karly Lane.
She is a proud member of the RWA Australia and can be contacted via her webpage at

Thank you very much for visiting today, Karlene. I've just loved looking at the different styles of cover art. Best wishes with sales of all your books.  


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  1. Hope you're having a good day, Karlene. The sun is shining here in my part of Scotland and it is unusually warm for September...but since we've had no summer it is fantastic!


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