Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Research catch up.

What is it about doing research that has sucked immensely into my recent writing time? 

I already had 3 different WIPS on the go, none of them particularly well started. (I'm too scared to display one of those WIP metres on my sidebar for fear that someone sees my disorganisation!)

1. There's a sequel started to my, still unpublished, time-travel Celtic/Roman adventure for older kids.
2. There's my family saga, that I really want to work on, but it hasn't got the greatest priority just now.
3. There's a sequel to my historical novel-The Beltane Choice. 

I've now given myself a shake, and decided that just isn't good enough. The result of that? Instead of 3 WIPS I now have 4. Mad? Indeed, I am.

The Beltane Choice sequel was already started, one of the existing characters central to the new story, but I found something about it just wasn't fitting time scales properly. While writing The Beltane Choice I tried very hard to use accurate historical detail where possible. The new WIP was heading into territory that would have to be classed as innacurate history. That 's not what I want for my sequel. That WIP is now abandoned...but all is not lost...I've started a new one - hence number 4 - using a different character from The Beltane Choice.

So why, over the last ten days have I not made more progress with this latest WIP?

Research. I needed to do a lot more research. 
(I've added quite a few new books to my Goodreads shelf if anyone wants more details)

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Where I want to take my character is not a landscape I had in my head.The issue with my current research is that details about the Celtic/Roman period in Britain of A.D. 71 are not too plentiful. However, I've now scoured sufficient resources as I can presently muster and have made that new start.

I still have a few sources on order which haven't arrived yet, though I'm confident I'll find them very useful. I'm probably also going to bend the ears of a few fellow authors in the hope they can furnish me with little tidbits that will clarify details.

 Now to write. 8,000 words does not a novel make!

I've waving goodbye from my roundhouse which does not have up to date wireless communication systems. The Romans are likely to be coming soon so I'm off to hide and probably won't be seen for some time!



  1. Very interesting post ! I'm eagerly looking forward to reading The Beltane Choice sequel
    Bon Courage ...



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