Friday, 28 September 2012

It's those Mystical press Services!

This time last year my friend A.J. Nuest, a fellow author at The Wild Rose Press, was guiding me through all sorts of marketing ideas. She's visiting today to tell us about a fantastic new venture that has just launched this September. So, it's over to  you A.J. ...

Greetings and Salutations!

Many thanks to Nancy for hosting us on her blog today! We’ve got some really exciting news to share with everyone so grab that cuppa and let the blogging begin!
September marks the official
launch of Mystical Press Services!!!

In case you haven’t yet heard about our website, allow me to introduce you to a place where you just might find the fulfillment of your dreams. That’s right! The talented folks at Mystical Press want to help you reach your publishing goals!

How do we do that? I’m glad you asked!

Arial Burnz

Mystical Press is the culmination of an idea that came from two authors and professionally trained editors—Arial Burnz and AJ Nuest—where we help authors bridge the gap between the form rejection letter and publication. In fact, we believe in this venture so passionately, our tagline is “Helping authors achieve their dreams.” 

At Mystical Press our primary goal is to help writers. As authors, we understand the frustration of not receiving constructive and useful feedback, the aggravation of navigating the murky depths of the publishing industry and that, sometimes, authors just need a place to vent. Well, we’re here to tell you, the insanity can end!

Like-minded individuals can gather online at Mystical Press to work one-on-one with professional editors who help authors prepare their manuscripts for submission. Whether you are looking for a Manuscript Evaluation, Submission Evaluation, or a full story edit, we will give you honest, encouraging feedback and work diligently with you on your story to make sure it’s ready to land on an editor’s desk. No project is too big or too small and all receive the same precise attention to detail.

 Perhaps your submission is ready but you need assistance with smaller editing projects like a query letter and synopsis? Have no fear! Mystical Press is here! We offer a full edit of query letters and synopses with comments and suggestions that come directly from AN EDITOR! TAH-DAH!

And don’t worry! If your goal is to write your very own dynamite synopsis, at Mystical Press we believe in “teaching a man to fish”. Our Power Class, How to Write a WINNING Synopsis, is designed to easily guide you through the process of crafting your very own synopsis! Yes, that’s right. I used “easily” and “synopsis” in the same sentence!

The self-paced course curriculum at Mystical Press can assist in tackling those pesky problem areas as well (e.g., show vs. tell, POV shifts, realistic character and story development, etc.). If you’ve read books, articles and/or taken workshops and are still in search of that elusive contract offer, perhaps Mystical Press can help. Take one class or take a whole series—our online classes are designed to meet each writer’s individual needs. 

Is your next project of the self-publishing variety? Mystical Press has a selection of pre-made covers we guarantee will only be used once! No one will have the same cover! Or, if you’d like, we can design a cover specifically tailored to your vision—you will work one-on-one with our talented cover artists! We are also happy to edit your baby and can even format the document to meet the specifications of most popular self-publishing platforms.

Remember to mention Mystical Press to all your friends and fellow writing pals – here’s why. Mystical Press offers a free Referral Program. Just register on the site and we will assign you a Referral ID. If anyone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn a referral fee! Whether you choose cash or a credit for products or services on the site, consider this our thank you for helping us spread the word. 

Oh! And before I forget…we offer a wide range of gift certificates designed specifically with the writer in mind. Tired of searching for the “write” present for your author pals? Maybe that next birthday or anniversary calls for an eGift from Mystical Press!

So now that you know all about us, please tell us all about you! Head on over to Mystical Press and register free on the site. Everyone who does will be entered into our drawing for fabulous gifts and prizes! Join our celebration and together we will strive to get your voice heard! 

Wow! Those are fantastic services A.J. and Arial.  I wish you huge success with Mystical Press Services. Thank you for coming and explaining them so well today! 



  1. Sounds like a great place to get all sorts of feedback. I'm working on my dreded synopsis right now. I was a bit confused though, I saw pictures of books. Do you publish as well? Or were they your books?

  2. Hmm. I have three books out with TWRP and am anxiously awaiting word on a 4th contract, but I do have a book I'm considering for self-publication. If it goes well, I'll definitely need all your services---except for the cover artist. My brother is an amazing artist. I keep telling him he needs to design book covers on the side. I'm heading over to Mystical Press now to check it out!

  3. Hi Kathy! Great, great question. As of right now, no. Mystical Press is NOT a publisher. Honestly, we have thought about it, but since the Grand Opening we've been inundated with projects -- all good! -- and so we've tabled the idea for future consideration. The books above are examples of some of the covers we offer. The dreaded synopsis. GAH! I've soooo been there. You should check out the How to Write a WINNING Synopsis Power Class. I know this might sound like a sales pitch, but I've taken the class and it's brilliant. (I get to say that because my partner Arial wrote the curriculum.) I used to labor for months to get a Synopsis right. This class has made it sooooo much easier. Really. It's an outstanding formula I'm going to use again and again. Really brings everything into focus. Hope to see you there and thanks for the interest in Mystical Press!

  4. Hi Lilly! Wow, congrats on all the sales, hon! Whoot! I would be THRILLED to work with you on a project. How awesome! Yes, please do keep us in mind once you have that story completed! Hugs and thank you so much for the support! XO

  5. Hi to Kathy and Lilly! The services look fantastic, and well worth a good look. Thanks for visiting! Good to have you here, A.J. :-)

  6. I'm just can't go wrong with these two ladies. :D

  7. I'm checking it out now. This could save me a lot of headaches.

  8. Aw, Calisa! You are too sweet. Thank you so much! You know I love ya, babes!!

  9. Whoo Hoo, Sandra! Glad to help out however we can! Thanks for checking out MP!! (((HUGS)))

  10. Sorry I'm chiming in here late, ladies. Thank you soooooo much for having us as guests today, Nancy! You're a doll!! Woo hoo, Calisa!! Nice to see you here! And hello to Kathy, Lilly and Sandra...BIG hugs for visiting us here and for checking out our site. Just to let everyone know, we give FREE consultations on your projects. We'll give it a quick once-over and give you some direction on where your manuscript needs improvement and what services we have that can help. No obligations at all and it's valuable feedback...not fluff. ;) Looking forward to working with all of you!!! {{{HUGS}}}

  11. It's been great to have you all pop in today! Best wishes to A.J. and Arial and I'll catch up with your progress sometime soon. *waving goodnight from me*


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