Friday, 29 June 2012


YES! Can't wait. **I'm hopping on one leg already**

Very soon (only 5 weeks to go) my second TWRP romance will be released on August 3rd.


Look out for TAKE ME NOW. 

I'll be posting a little 'Friday Five' from now on to lead us up to release day. Five little sentences to whet your appetite from a page that is a multiple of the number 5.

Here's today's selection from Page 5:

    Aela huffed. Just a bit.
    Nobody had warned her about the climb. The only information given by the appointments agency was she should present herself at the marina for two p.m. where she’d be met and ferried to the island of Lanera, for a hastily organized interview with Nairn Malcolm, at his Garvald home.
          Aran, pilot of the catamaran-had been chatty during the journey, though circumspect about her prospective employer and the location of his house, and of how she would get there once they arrived at the island.

Join me next Friday for a tiny bit more!


  1. Woot!! Great start - and a great way to entice us readers Nancy! 5 weeks to go - eeekkkkk!! Hurry up time! :)

    1. Thanks,LaVerne. * 5 weeks and going down...

  2. I'll be back next Friday for more! What a great way to tease us!!

    1. I'll make sure to pick some really great ones next week, too, Vonnie. Thanks you for stopping by.


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