Friday, 8 June 2012

New from Crooked{Cat}Publishing

Released this week by Crooked{Cat}Publishing.

Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet by T.P.Ripley is a riveting adventure for 8-12year olds. It includes illustrations done by the author T.P. Ripley. 


Meet Lily – the ten year old, the tomboy, the runaway, the prisoner, the snake charmer, animal friend, adventurer and space explorer! Lily the star-ship captain, the commander, the outlaw, the fighter, the hero, the saviour of Earth; none other than Mother Nature – Lily Lovebug.
And Queen Revolta Gressla – ancient and horrid, the evil conqueror of six known universes,  terrifying to behold, ruler of the most wicked race of aliens, ever hungry, the ultimate villain, and quite disgusting.
The Biggest Rivals, the Worst Enemies. Good versus Evil – the Ultimate Showdown.

Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet is now available on Amazon & Smashwords

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