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It's June Tuesdays and 'that first kiss' series has just started...

'she said, he said...' is delighted to feature another sub-genre of romance today-parafantasy- for the first of the June Tuesdays series of 'that first kiss' blogs.  

I had been thinking of how many ways a writer can introduce that early kiss in a romance novel and asked for volunteers to shed light on that inevitable subject.

Guesting today is Cora blu who has become my first volunteer/victim. She's brought a couple of the characters from her novel -“Dagger” Brothers of Element Series- to share that first kiss with us...or is it?Let's find out.
Thank you for hosting us today Nancy. This first kiss between Drew and Dagger is actually the second kiss, the first is a spoiler. I hope you enjoy.
First a little bit about Cora Blu: 

I write Parafantasy Romance and Interracial Contemporary Romance fulltime. After having my life threatened at work, we decided it was time to walk away from corporate America and do what my heart desired, writing.
I reside in the gorgeous state of Michigan where every six miles you will find a body of water. I’m the mother of three girls, a German shepherd that has no clue he’s a dog, and married to my favorite hunky fireman for twenty four years.

Drew Hamilton just agreed to become the life mate of Dagger, King of the Atlantic, tiger shark shifter, to save his people as well as humans from the ocean over taking the land through tsunamis and earthquakes. She finds out he’s the pet tiger shark she befriended ten years ago when he parents died. Now they must find true love and feed his source of shifting in twelve days, before Clear Coral begins to die.

First kiss:
{Dagger has convinced Drew to help him and his people. To live beneath the currents. Moments away from introducing her to the clan after going on a hunt, he is angered and aroused by her view of him. She continues to see him as a pet.}
I believe I have informed you we are a full-functioning society.
“… Town… stores and houses and schools… that kind of society?”
Your innocence arouses me at times… most times. Let us save Clear Coral and I promise to show you the Grand Canyon we shifters know.
Dont tease me, Dagger. She stepped closer to the darkened space. “Had you told me this this morning,” she said, shaking her head and grinning, “we’d be honeymooning in the Canyon right now.
He relaxed and absorbed her gentle curiosity.
“Where’s the electricity?”
“This close to the entrance leaves us vulnerable.”
“If they can swim past your barracuda security zone, they deserve to be in here.”
He eyed her ogling the torches, glorying in the smallest things. You like the glow of the torches? He stroked down her back, the lean muscle nice under his hand. Fire sparkles over your dark complexion; you are delightful to look upon.
She blushed under his observation. “You need oxygen for a fire, where does the smoke go? Her gray eyes moved over him. Her curiosity shined behind the invading stare.
One eyebrow rose, and he tipped his face to hers. “Do you ask out of curiosity or are you devising a plan of escape.”
She turned to Dagger. Do you not trust everybody or just me?
Forgive me. You ask many questions. We are underground; there is always a certain amount of oxygen, but not enough for humans to be comfortable. You will adapt.
She rolled her eyes. “I know there’s oxygen. I meant do you have vents specially designed to release the carbons and bring in fresh oxygen?”
He caressed her chin, running his thumb back and forth over her bottom lip, avoiding her question. “Are you hungry?”
Her look said she understood he did not want to answer her. “Not yet. What about pets? Do you have them?”
“Would you like to have one?”
“I don’t know. I never owned a pet.” Her voice softened, uncertain. “Beside you… I mean…”
That angered him, her seeing him as a pet. “I am only a pet to you?” He towered over her, the scent of her clouding his mind. The time had come that she learned what her pet ate. “Am I only a pet, Drew? Not a man?”
She gave him a cryptic stare. “That’s not funny. Believe me, I know you’re a man, Dagger. Right now you’re acting more like an animal.” She backed away from him.
Locking a hand on her arm, he bent down and kissed her hard, kissed the notion of him being her pet away. Fingers weaved through her short waves. A fist full of her hair in his hand, he plunged his tongue between her lips. Sweet, intoxicating fire met his tongue. He swept the recesses of her warm mouth and felt himself stiffen.
He scooped his hands beneath her hips, digging his fingers into her soft flesh. The bright green bikini bottoms glowed beneath the thin cover up, his meal in view.
Picking her up, he pinned her against the wall, the limestone cool behind his hands. He became rough. His need for her was a fire, burning up through him.
He pressed his head to her breast, caught his breath, and said, “They are beautiful.”
“Dagger…” She bit her lip. His nibbling her ribcage forced a sharp intake of air from Drew.
He lifted his eyes to her, rage and untamed arousal apparent throughout his body. “Do I continue to be a pet to you, Drew?” He breathed into her face, then pushed her higher up the limestone wall. The high ceiling filled with embedded crystals sparkled from the sconces now flanked Drew. She flattened her hands back against the wall, chest heaving. He cupped her thighs and held her level with his mouth, pressing her thighs wide. “Answer me.”
Drew shot him a hard stare. “You are not my pet, Dagger. I see the man,” she said in a breathy voice.
He inhaled her scent heavy before him. “This arouses you. Have you angered me on purpose, Drew?”
“So you’ll pin me to stone wall? No, Dagger.”
“Was that not on your mind?”
“No.” She struggled against his large hands holding her pressed to the wall. “Put me down.”
“Your arousal is strong for me. It pushes at my body.”
“Then start wearing more clothes.” She shook her head, straightening her clothes as her feet hit the floor. “I almost had sex on the street in a dark alley.”
“One lick and I will take care of that for you… and me,” he offered.
She stopped moving, eyeing the ground. “Let’s go meet your clan, please.”
“Remember, we are mentally connected.”
Drew blinked rapidly.
“Be mindful of how you think of me, especially after a hunt… the need to mate is strong.”
“Can we go now?”
“Our courtship will be rushed. Dr. Sarah will examine your breathing. You will meet the clan afterward.”
“We still need to work on that arrogance…” Drew said, her eyes averted to the floor.
He watched her squirm under the low lights. “Forgive me. I did not answer your earlier question.” He threaded his finger between hers, moving away from the white door.
Running a hand through her hair she asked, “My question?” Legs wobbly, she clung to his forearm, tugging her robe closer around her dishevelled appearance.
“Pets…” He smiled down at her. “Our little ones enjoy turtles,” Dagger said.
“Turtles—sharks eat turtles.”
“Some things we eat for nourishment and others because they taste good.” He stroked a hand down her back. “You, Water Lily, taste good.”

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Thank you for coming along today, Cora, and for sharing Drew and Dagger's ... kisses... with us.


  1. Talk about HOT!! This was really sexy: “Some things we eat for nourishment and others because they taste good.” He stroked a hand down her back. “You, Water Lily, taste good.”

    Great job Cora!!!

  2. Aren't you sweet. Everybody should find a dark alley in an underwater world at least once in their lives.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Cora Blu

  3. Hi Fayth, so glad you popped in! Best wishes to you.

  4. Hello, Cora. Great start to comments!

  5. Nicely done. Who knew under the water could be so hot!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I figured what's hotter than a wet man built for trouble than a tiger shark shifter. And when he can hold you up with one hand... game on.

      Cora Blu.

    2. Hello, Linda. It's good to meet you.

  6. Time for me to sign off now, Cora. Have a good rest of the day and I'll check in later.

  7. Thanks, Nancy. I'm still lurking around if anyone has a question or comment.

    I think this was a great idea to post the first kiss. Sometimes the first is not the hottest but somehow when you tell someone about it, it was smoken hot by the time it leaves your lips.

    Cora Blu


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