Saturday, 1 May 2021

The Beltane Choice is Book of the Month at Ocelot Press!

Happy Beltane!

I'm delighted to announce that The Beltane Choice is Book of the Month for May 2021 at Ocelot Press

In honour of this wonderful situation the eBook price of The Beltane Choice will be #99p at Amazon for the whole month of May! (equivalent prices on the other Amazon sites worldwide) 

As a further bonus, the eBook prices of the other four books in the series will be reduced to £1.99 across Amazon. (equivalent prices)

Should you prefer to read a paperback version, you can buy them from Amazon, or order them from other internet sites and bookstores.

Join us at the Ocelot Press Readers page on Facebook and there you'll see the ways you can receive additional May gifts, though you'll need to be a regular to catch any announcements about how you can be the person/ reader who receives my gifts. (Facebook rules are making posting the opportunities a bit of a mystery) 

Happy reading!

SlĂ inte!

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