Monday, 3 May 2021

New 5* review for After Whorl Donning Double Cloaks

 Good Morning!

It's already a great Monday for me since I can add a little post about a new 5* review for After Whorl Donning Double Cloaks. Book 3 of my Celtic Fervour Series is a little lacking in reviews, compared to Book 1, so it's always wonderful to get any new reviews for the later books in the series. 

My thanks to Dorothy.

5* - Here’s my review on this wonderfully gripping story of the fight for Celtic Britain.

This continuing story of the Brigante people from Garrigill is full of action. Bran still trying to find a leader for the Celts; is still living with the Roman forces as a slave; and both passing on information in the fight to battle the Roman legions. And yet still the battles go on with Agricola a seeming scourge, and yet still more people displaced. Refugees in their own land.

This continues to be a well rounded story of the Romano forces intent on subjugating the people of Britain and the fight to remain independent.

Happy reading to everyone! 

SlĂ inte! 

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