Friday, 26 March 2021

NOUGAT DAY! 26th March

Today, Friday 26th March is NOUGAT DAY!

Love it or loathe it? 

Fine Piece Friday!  Love it or loathe it? Today, Friday 26th March is NOUGAT DAY!

In north-east Scotland if you have a 'fly cup' (morning /afternoon coffee or tea) you might have a 'Fine Piece' with it. That generally means something sweet or delicious. So, today, it just has to be something with nougat. :-)

The ancient cookery writer Apicius wrote down some recipes which may have produced something similar to nougat, if the mixture 'cooked' for a sufficient time to make the ingredients chewy, using: honey; egg whites and nuts (almonds or other).

Making nougat isn't for the novice cook (IMO) but there's a video link below that makes it look 'possible'- not easy, but maybe possible! ;-)

I love nougat though it's really far too sweet for my teeth.  How about you?

Do you have a favourite treat that contains nougat?


SlĂ inte! 

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