Thursday, 30 April 2020

Augustine launches today!

Today is a day for congratulations!

Augustine, by my fellow Ocelot Press author, Vanessa Couchman launches today and the cover is  as beautiful as the story! 

Vanessa writes late 19th/ early 20th century historical fiction set in rural France, and on Corsica. The settings are full of historical accuracy with evocative, atmospheric vocabulary to steep the reader in the life and times of the era. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Marie-Therese in Overture - Book 1 in the L'Alouette Trilogy (others to come) - where the reader is also introduced to Marie-Therese's parents. At the beginning of Overture, the attitude of Augustine and Joseph might seem a bit stern, but today's new launch addresses issues that have shaped their maternal/paternal judgement and decision making. 

Since the story is about Augustine and Joseph, this means that Augustine is set in 1880, a bit earlier than Overture. It gives the reader a wonderful glimpse into the daily norms of south-west rural France and of the strictures that people were under in forming relationships. Many details are such a huge contrast with twenty-first century morals and conduct. 

I've been very honoured to be a beta reader for Augustine and loved the story. I'll be writing a short review later on, once I've dipped back into my brand new Kindle copy of the final version that arrived today via Amazon. My thanks to Vanessa for the privilege of the early rad.
Whatever you might be reading- Enjoy.  

SlĂ inte! 

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