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#1 Saturday Shorts- Carrie Ann Schless!

Happy Saturday wishes to you!

It's also going to be a #HappyCrookedCaturday since my interviewee is another member of the Crooked Cat Books author cattery!

I'd like to welcome debut author, Carrie Ann Schless to the #Saturday Shorts my new 'short and snappy' interview chair today, the first of 2018.

It's a brief introduction to my author friends though if you want to learn more I'm confident there will be longer interviews elsewhere across the net, but here's a glimpse of what life is like for Carrie-Ann whose debut ebook version launched yesterday at a Facebook party.

I believe she also has a live paperback launch as well so if you live in her area, she'd be over the moon for you to pop in. Her newly launched Romance is called Another Woman's Man.

Let's get to know Carrie-Ann...

Welcome to my blog Carrie-Ann. Please introduce yourself briefly: 

Hi, I’m Carrie-Ann Schless and I live in S. E. England. I’m a single Mum and I work part time at a card shop.

When is your best time to write?

I tend to write any time but annoyingly evenings are when my idea’s flow more, or anytime when I’m unable to write like when I get in the bath!

(Nancy: I agree - Where's an old fashioned dictaphone when you need one? Actually I never used one of them but it might have done the trick. That really is an annoying time to get ideas!)

Which social media platforms do you find most comfortable to use?
Carrie-Ann Schless

I have been using Facebook for ten years now so it just feels normal to me. What did we do before Social Media? No honestly I’m asking as I seriously don’t remember.

Please tell us what your latest book is about and its genre.

Another Woman’s Man is a Woman’s fiction novel primarily about an affair but with a lot of other themes going through it.

Did anything in particular influence you to write it?

Amongst other things I found it crazy that so many of my friends received messages from other peoples boyfriends and started to wonder how I would feel if they decided to date these men.

(N: Now that's an interesting observation. Definitely a breeding ground, I think, for some further investigation /jealousy unless of a very innocent nature!) 

Did your novel require any specialised research?

Not particularly. You don’t need to go far to find somebody that has been through this.

Who's your main character?

Casey Turner. It sounds crazy but I’ve grown fond of her. I miss having her around!

What’s your main character’s greatest weakness?

Danny. She just can’t seem to say no to him.

What’s your main character’s greatest strength?

She cares very deeply for the people important to her.

Are you a lover of editing your work?

I actually quite enjoyed editing first time around, but I wouldn’t say I loved it.

And now for some fun stuff about you...What’s your favourite occupation? (apart from writing!)

I always wanted to be an actress

(N: There's still plenty of time for a career change!)

Do you have a favourite place to ‘hide’ out from life?

I love nothing more than a dance floor of a nightclub but only when the music is decent.

Favourite food and drink?

I love Chinese food, and I may be known to have the odd vodka and coke.


Thank you Carrie-Ann for giving us a tiny edge into your favourites. Another Woman's Man is now on my kindle, as of yesterday, but for others who haven't yet bought it-
Click the link here: 

Find Carrie-Ann Schless here:

 Till another Saturday Short comes along... Have a great weekend. 

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